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TA In Leicestershire

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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TA In Leicestershire

#1 Post by Kuroshi »


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#2 Post by Beast »

(C Company) - 3 Royal Anglian Regiment - Infantry...

What is there to discuss? :roll: :lol:


#3 Post by Kuroshi »

What does Infantry do, what does the training involve, come...allthe ex-regs I've met have been real cynical b**tards and have nowt fond to say bout their Army careers and yet, they want to apply for the TA? Like, whats that all about?

P.S.If you ( or anyone ) see this reply as an excuse to post some sarcastic/humouress/whatever commentry...dont bother. I aint knee high to a grasshopper and dont suffer fools gladly. Cheers!


#4 Post by Doc »

Use the search facility.

You necky farking mong. :evil:

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#5 Post by jabcrosshook »

Doc with the sutility. :lol:


#6 Post by Doc »

Welcome to MilitaryForums

For all new joiners here are some top tips on how not to get the information you have asked for and how to stay a member of the site

#1 - I would like to know about the TA Inantry especially those in or around the area I will define

or - Discuss.....

#2 - Hey thanks for the information, even if I was a bit vague in my initial request, you guys are after all doing or have done what I aim to do.

or - I am hard as fark so nobody had better cross me after my second post especially the owner of the board, who has provided information after my initial elaborate post asking for information.

I will now remove my head from my arse, take off my mums tights, remove chips from both shoulders and I may get some info if I am polite and stop the threats to jap slap the computer screen.....



#7 Post by Kuroshi »

Right. Feel free to boot me off. I think i'll carry on living in glorious colour. Dont think I've ever read so much immature rubbish in my life thus far. As for the TA. Nah, lifes for living outside the lot seem to be heading into your own boxes...6ft under in your respective counties. You lot are the most unwelcome, patronising self-agradising neophytes I've ever had the misfortune to encounter in what it seems is a cliched market. Boot me, ban me whatever. I aint a hard bastard. And I aint nasty as a rule but you lot have got me. Good luck and goodbye. Or whatever....


#8 Post by Doc »

Well you asked for it sunshine and it baffles me that you felt the urge to respond feeling hard done by

I dont think the Armed forces are the way ahead for you pal.

Shut the door on your way out.

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#9 Post by Hyperlithe »

Kuroshi - if you had come in here asking a sensible question, in a respectful manner, it would have been answered in a similar way.
Instead, your first post was just plain ridiculous, and then you manage to insult everyone with your second. What id you expect - that we were all going to find you really amusing?
Like Doc says, don't bother with any aspect of the military, you won't fit in with that attitude. I suspect yours was one of the school reports that said "Does not play well with others".
Not the kind of people you want around you when the bullets are flying.
You can have peace.
Or you can have freedom.
Don't ever count on having both at once.
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And the life that I have
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#10 Post by Kuroshi »

Yes. Your all right. I have behaved in a childish immature fashion, and would like to take this opportunity to express the parlous state of my addresses. Nonetheless, since this appears to be a recurring problem between myself and forums, it would probably be best in the long term for me to be deleted regardless. I am sure, without doubt, that you all hold high degrees of information that would indeed be useful had I intended to continue my application for the TA, but since, on reflection, I have decided to pursue what my heart truly desires ( of which, you have no need to know ), I will have no further need of this site. I only hope that you can accept my apology and see fit to remove me from this forum. I wish you all the best of luck, and hope that you continue to make us proud.

Yours Sincerely and ( despite how it may appear ) Honestly


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