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TA Fitness - Running

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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TA Fitness - Running

#1 Post by RA_Tom »

Hi Lots of people post about joining the TA with references to fitness...

You can turn in to your unit in any state of fitness provided you pass the medical and complete your paperwork you can begin recruit training.

HOWEVER! You would be well advised to start recreational running, there's a million books and websites on running, but if you follow a 10k program you'll be doing fine, enter a race! Get involved, join your local running club...

Most soldiers are runners in my exp. The fitter you are, the easier you will find recruit phase, the less likely you are to be injured, the more you can contribute to your units sporting endeavors!


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#2 Post by soma »

That's a bit misleading. If you " turn in to your unit in any state of fitness" and are incapable of meeting the fitness standards at the ADSC, then you'll simply fail. Your unit is not insured to train you until you are attested and have passed selection at ADSC.

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#3 Post by Hands on »

If I remember right (and It was a few years ago) you hat to do the run In under 12.30 to start training, and towards the end of training you needed to be under 10.30 to pass a PFT

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