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For those who are not familiar with Mobilisation, here is a post on what will happen to you as a Mobilised memner of the TA or Regular Reserve while at the Reserve Training Centre Chilwell.

Whilst you may not realise, Chilwell actually has a very informative website. It's a shame you don't find this out until the end of course brief (!)

All the MATTs are taken at Level 1 - meaning it's the highest pass mark. An example would be Navigation. In the MATT you do at TAC, you may have a short written test. At Chilwell you'll have a NavEx.

The Instructors are awesome. Period. Funny, knowledgable and supportive. It is highly unlikely you will be messed about at any point.

The food is free, even though you are technically on Pay As You Starve. You will have to pay if you want a bottle of Coke or, bizarrely, fruit - but it's not too expensive and the food is generally quite good.

Here is a breakdown of the first 2 days:

Day One:

Move in to accomodation.
Briefed to death

That's it really. Travel to Chilwell in civilian clothing and be prepared to stay in in civvies all day. Don't worry about having pressed uniform to hand. You won't need it.

The briefs are mainly about Chilwell and it's mission, what'll be happening over the next few days. You'll also have briefs about Stress, insurance and that sort of stuff. Nothing difficult at all.

Turn up with a notbook and a couple of pens. Don't let them go out of arms distance!

Day 2
Pay and Administration
Kit Issue

That's it. Don't be fooled, this will take all day long. More so if you don't bring all the relevant stuff. God help you if you're in the NHS.

Make sure the kit fits you! They mean it when they say you won't be able to exchange it!

Day 3


If you don't pass the PFT, you'll get another chance the week after. If you don't pass then, you're unit might not take you. More of a problem if you also don't pass the CFT. The route is flat as Kate Moss' training bra. You have to pass the grade for your age/gender - none of this 14 minute 1.5 mile rubbish.

CRBN is taught before the test in great detail. You will also go in to the Gas chamber. Whilst in the chamber, you will be given a drill to carry out. You can fail this, but I don't think anyone has. You have so much tuition you'd have to be really awful not to pass.

You'll have an induction (if you want it) at the Gym that night. The Gym is pretty good. They have Sky...bonus...

The rest of the week is taken up with the NavEx (hint: run) and BCD (hint: read the book). It's relaxed and fairly easy. You'll only have problems if you're a complete mong.

You should then have that weekend off. You'll have to make your own way home and back, but there's a fair few people knocking about with cars so if you haven't got your own transport you can beg it off someone.

The next week is taken up with Ranges, CFT, PFT re-test and movements briefs. You'll have a Values and Standards test which you will fall asleep in as you will have done the CFT about an hour before. If you stay awake you're a better soldier than me.

The CFT is hilly, but they pace it well. You'll do a decent pace on the flat, fast downhill but slow uphill. The weight is according to Corps not including weapon.

That's all I can be bothered to write just now. I'll try and post a kit list at some point. Needless to say, you do not need all of your issued kit. You need enough kit for your MATT tests (respirator,webbing. etc) but you do not need NBC suit, that dumb green kit bag, your service dress and stuff.

Ciao for now.

To Err is human, to Moo - Bovine...

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#2 Post by harry hackedoff »

Good post there, Darce.
With increased reliance on TA personnel your journal here will help many.
Good luck mate and stay safe :wink:

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