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4 Para too late??

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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#16 Post by parachick »

anglo-saxon wrote:Go for it, but be sensible (and good to yourself!). IV Para is a greta goal, but your bod has to last you the rest of your life!
Im 72 now after many yrs of lobbing now have f**ked up back+me knees was Plt Sgt A.P.J.I. any para will tell you what that stand's 4 when I started para pay was 4/- a day=28 bob a week out of which you payed for your cleaning kit.This was on top of pay after you had passed P/Coy and done your jumps 7 by day 1 by night.

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#17 Post by Wholley »

Your seventy two?
Just two years ago you were talking about re-enlisting.
You must have aged real fast.

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