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131 Commando RE

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131 Commando RE

#1 Post by Drummer »

Is there any serving/ex members of 131 that can give an idea of whats required? training process, required fitness levels, how often AACC is run, stuff like that, and i am assuming from the small bits of info i have been able to find that it is a more progressive build up process than 4 Para??


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#2 Post by adj125 »

131 Independent Commando Squadron RE (V)

By Mr "DJ" - Ex Senior NCO

Note : Although this is a TA unit there are some very good tips from someone in the know about marine training - more on regular CTC to come.

The TA version of the regular 59 Independent Commando Squadron RE. The only TA unit attached to a regular brigade - 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Every member must pass the Reserve Forces Commando Course at Commando Training Centre RM.

They undergo a 2 phase training programme. Phase 1 is the TA RE training phase - 3 week-ends with the squadron followed by a 2 week course at the RE depot in Minley, Surrey. Once students pass that they move onto Phase 2 - The commando course

The squadron runs it's own "beat-up" comprising of 6 week-ends run by it's own training team, followed by a 2 week course at CTCRM where the regular Royal Marine Training Team takes over. Essentially they do the same course as the regular marines, blistering onto the end of the regular course for the test fortnight. the tests are exactly the same - same weight, same times etc. See information on the commando tests.

The training is based on endurance and upper body strength - students must be able to climb a 30 ft rope carrying 35lbs. Often the best candidates are those with a triathlon background. Most, however, have very little knowledge of how to train for the course. We advise students to run at least 2-3 times per week + circuits or weights x 2 per week and at least one swim. We also offer advice on nutrition and treating injuries.

The course is highly intensive and many suffer from injuries. A typical drop-out rate is 75%. My course started with 25 and only 3 passed!. Once they have passed - students can then choose their trade - combat engineering, diving, plant, Motor Transport or signals. Other areas like parachuting are also available. and life in the Squadron begins from there!
Ex RE 1986 till 1997

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Re: 131 Commando RE

#3 Post by Woodsey »

How long does the recruit process take in total from joining to gaining your green lid?

And what's it like after you gain your green lid?

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