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Posted: Fri 18 Jun, 2004 9:17 pm
by mutter nutter
Tab wrote:To mutter nutter, You get from the EU nearly a pound per person a week in grants more than you put in, what would happen if these grants stoped.
What would happen if Britain slapped tarrifs on your goods that you sold over here, What would happen if you needed a visa to visit or work here,
what would happen about the transport of your goods to Europe if they all had to go by sea. Britain puts more than £30 billion into the EU than it gets back in grants, we are the second highest payer behind Germany, now with out us just who would make up this short fall. Now the the Euro, just how long do you think that will be able to keep going, France and Germany are now over spending at a huge rate, Belgium and Italy never even came close to meeting the entry targets yet they got in and now they are spending money that other countries have put in the kitty, give it about 5 years and the whole lot will be in dire trouble. Many of the Middle Eastern Countries have been gettig out of the Euro in a big way also America has been downgrading it's holdings in the Euro. To be quite honest I do hope Europe moves on with out us we can't afford to stay.
First point we're net contributer's now, 2. I didn't think you disliked us that much :D ,3.Agreed although I don't think it's quiet that much but the French won't bloody pay :roll: , 4. agreed on both count's but with a bit of luck they legalframework in the consitution coevering gov spending will make it legaly binding instead of the half assed stability pact, 5.wrong way they moved into Euro's as a hedge against the rapidly rising Dollar, 6. We can't force you but we don't want to see you go, despite all the hubbub we are better with you in, but you have to do what you have to do, just think through everything first and try and cut out the bs from both side's while you do it, and see where you stand at the end of it

Posted: Fri 18 Jun, 2004 10:23 pm
by Spannerman
If I were a millionaire nett contributor to the Labour Party, I would get a knighthood or at the most a lordship and maybe lots of additional contracts and contacts in return.

As the UK is a multi billionaire nett contributor to the EU, we receive little in return, the tosspots at the helm in Bruxelles steers the revenue to non descript nations who benefit at our expense. What bloody good can Estonia or Latvia contribute to our way of life that we can't contribute to ourselves.

Just take a look at the French Farming Community, they get subsidies for allotments which purport to be smalholdings and farms. The Dutch subsidise their fruit and flower growers with fuel allowances, we are not allowed to it is unfair competition. Instead we have to import cheap labour from Eastern Europe or Portugal to pick our fruit in East Anglia. Currently there are 15000 legal workers on work permits from Portugal in the Thetford area right now picking such crops as strawberries.

Perhaps it would be better for our farmers to emigrate to France or Portugal, set up their own fruit farms over there and take back their own imported labour with them. Perhaps we could do the same with the sugar beet crops, we all know where the labour comes from to reap these rewards.

Pity someone can't close the door on B Liar and his cronies whilst they are in the Euro Capital, at least the rest of us can decide if and when we pull the plug on our island.

Posted: Fri 18 Jun, 2004 11:31 pm
by Tab
Mutter Nutter, lets clear the air, I don't dislike the Irish, and I have a large section of my family living in the Republic of Ireland. There are a lot people saying that we could make it on our own and need to be in the EU.
I for one think we could get along alright with out them, and all those silly rules that they keep bringing out. How is it that Euripean Parliament seems to have little or no input on all this rubbish that comes out of Brussels. Why is it that all these faceless people are making fortunes churning out this rubbish and don't have to answer to any one. How is it that they can lose 700 million Euros and the woman that reports it gets fired. How many years have they been saying they will sort this out yet carrying on doing nothing. Should every one only follow the French and German line. Due we support our other friends outside the EU are will we be in the dog house each and every time this does not suit the French and Germans. As we are one of there major markets what can they do.

Posted: Fri 18 Jun, 2004 11:49 pm
by may18
well agreement has been reached now.

we surrendered immigration, workers laws unsc seat etc i believe
held onto taxation and some foreign policy

just curious, what do people think about the UKIP line that we
should be strenghtening commonwealth ties, and have stronger
tis to the commonwealth than europe?

Posted: Fri 18 Jun, 2004 11:58 pm
by owdun
Can't see us being very welcome in the Commonwealth, especially the so called white commonwealth, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, who won't forget how easily we ditched them in our rush to embrace Europe. Why should they open their arms to us? they have moved on and set up alternative trading blocks.

Aye Owdun. :evil:

Posted: Sat 19 Jun, 2004 7:42 am
by Spannerman
I can't see what is wrong by just trading with nations that we trade with already without having to belong to an exclusive club to boot.

Just doesn't add up to me.

Posted: Sat 19 Jun, 2004 8:10 am
by Spannerman
From the BBC Online website a short time ago re the EU Constitution Treaty:

"Now every country will have to ratify the treaty, either in national parliaments or through public referendums".

I can see Charles Kennedy and his lot supporting Labour on this one in the Commons kicking the Tories into touch.