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Sen. Edward Kennedy's Comments

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Sen. Edward Kennedy's Comments

#1 Post by df2inaus » ... 0429164510
WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Senator Ted Kennedy issued a scathing assessment of the US-led war in Iraq (news - web sites), saying it "may well go down as the worst blunder in the entire history of American foreign policy. "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam," the liberal Massachusetts senator said from the floor of the senate.
First question, will it go down worse than his brother John F. Kennedy's Vietnam? It started with Ike and ended with Ford, I know, but Kennedy escalated US involvement in Vietnam, just ask Colin Powell, who was there as an advisor, meaning ARVN infantry company commander, in 1962.

History will show that Gulf War 2 was a mistake, but this man is absolutely the last person who should be pointing fingers at anyone for anything. How he escaped without manslaughter charges at the very least I'll never know.

The Massachusetts voters who have returned this clown to power every senate election since 1962 astound me.
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#2 Post by Tab »

Well that is rich coming from a man that has in his time raised millions of dollars for terrorist. I refer to the IRA who would kill any one that got in it's way. America is always going on about what governments should do about known terrorist and there supporters, yet they say nothing about this man.

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