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Blair's (E)U-turn

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Blair's (E)U-turn

#1 Post by anglo-saxon »

Blair has effected a U-turn in his EU policy by announcing his intent to hold a national referendum on the issue. The first EU referendum in 1975 was the first national plebicite in Bristish political history and was designed to clarify the UK's standpoint.

Blair's u-turn:

Tories' attempt to force a referendum:

This gives some interesteing history from the early 60's to the present: ... KandEurope

A good guide to all things EU-ish:

I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on this topic.

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El Prez
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#2 Post by El Prez »

He's as greasy as a greased weasel, and as trustworthy.
Bin Brussels, bin the EU and let us get on with life before Ted Heath.
You should talk to somebody who gives a f**k.
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Frank S.

#3 Post by Frank S. »

I agree, I'll believe a referendum after it's held.

Fat chance...

Quote from first linked article:
"Blair -- who managed to make his announcement without once uttering the word "referendum" -- failed to say when exactly it would be held, or what the question might be. "

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#4 Post by Tab »

Blair being the Master of spin, has arranged things so that this referendum will never take place, the reason I say this is that it is so far away that other countries will have their referendum before our's. Once there is a no vote then the whole subject is a dead duck and there is no need for one.
So he can turn around and say I was willing to see it through but now the subject is dead there is no need, and I am great chap for allowing you to think that might just a vote on it.

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#5 Post by Spannerman »

Indeed B Liar is sneaky, he knows what he is up to. As Tab says if one of the other countries rejects the Constitution in a Referendum vote it's a dead duck anyway.

Did anyone notice Blair at the dispatch box yesterday say if there was a NO vote he would do like Ireland did, vote again until they get the right decision!

It's up to all of us to send a message to the Princess in June at the Euro elections, I have never voted at a Euro Election before as I have never believed in it, however I intend to send my message to this dictator.

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#6 Post by dootybooty »

Blair is a lying toe rag, the chances are he wont be in charge of labour come the time of a referendum and his succesor will bin the idea anyway. If we are going to have one lets have it as soon as the constitution is agreed in June. Stuff letting parliament debate it for six months so that joe public gets bored sick of it and doesnt bother to vote.
The European Constitution will try to do away with 2000 years of individual nation states and create a new soviet style country. JUST SAY NO.
Keep the faith.


#7 Post by Guest »

I think some of the last words in our tones speach were a pearler
We Will debate and Decide, and Then have a Referendum
i think we all know what the outcome will be already, but we can, and should make a difference, and thats next year at the General Erections, (yes i know, its meant to be) so lets vote the FCUKers out. :fist: to blair and the Labourites.......................where is our maggie? she had more balls than this cult will ever have.

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#8 Post by saffer »

I am not in support of Labour, I like to think of myself as being a Tory 'believer' however, the comments that have been posted are a bit OTT.

Blair is a bit of a nobber, but then I trust Blair far more than the Tories at the moment due to the unstability. When another party comes with strong, defined leadership I will think otherwise.


#9 Post by anglo-saxon »

bootneck wrote:where is our maggie? she had more balls than this cult will ever have.
Bingo! That's the kind of leadership that Britain deserves. I was never so proud of my country as when Maggie was boss.

She kicked Argie arse, told Ronnie Reagan to piss off and mind his own business (even though they were good friends), and squished that commie traitor Scargil like a bug. I recall us having a little celebratory dinner at our checkpoint in Cyprus when we heard the miners were no longer holding the country to ransom.

Sure, some of her decisions were a bit iffy, but what leader gets it right all the time. Overall, I'd say she even gave Churchil a run for his money.

I remember when the Tories all stabbed her in the back after poll tax fiasco. I was already in Canada and remember feeling quite saddenned that they could have been so disloyal to such a great leader. That John Major was chinless, spineless twerp and ruined so much of what maggie achieved. He owns much of the blame for the current regime even being in power in my opinion.

Blair is positively reptilian. Surely the British public hasn't become so gullible as to swallow his drivel?


#10 Post by Guest »

saffer wrote:When another party comes with strong, defined leadership I will think otherwise.
Its a Shame Screaming Lord Such is brown Bread, at least you knew you were getting a looney.

AS, well said, i was at RM deal when the miners strike was on, and although they were on strike, on my daily visit to the Admiral Keppel public house, there were a few miners in there who were backing the horses, and would think nothing of loosing £200-£400 in a DTS.

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#11 Post by may18 »

I think people are under-estimating the power of propoganda

In 75 we were fed a diet of lies and propoganda

and strong "No" voting feeling was moved to a "Yes" vote.

Only the difference this time is whereas in 75 MPS could campaign according to their conscience. This time lord blair has decreed labour mps cant vote no.

One way or another we are going into a united states of europe wile blair is in power guys...

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