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Bush and Ariel Sharon

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Bush and Ariel Sharon

#1 Post by yuri2 »

What do you all think about Bush's sudden unanimous support for Ariel Sharon?

In my opinion, it means the end of the "road map to peace". Sharon is so confident now he won't budge even a little to diffuse the situation. I think its incredibly obvious that the reason why Bush has suddenly supported Ariel Sharon is because Bush is worried about losing the election and he wants all of the jews in America to vote for him. There will now be many more deaths because of what Bush has done. It is incredibly selfish of Bush.

Bush has defended his actions by saying 'We must accept the reality on the ground'. That means that if your neighbour took over half of your garden and after years of fighting over that land your neighbour still controls it, then your neighbour owns it. It is rediculous and europe will not stand for what Bush is doing. Even Blair who is Bush's fcuk buddy secretly thinks Bush has gone crazy. Bush has so much blood on his hands and he says he is fighting terrorism but a few days ago he became best buddies with a terrorist named Ariel Sharon.

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#2 Post by Spannerman »

'Here we go gathering nuts in May, nuts in May, nuts in May.........'

Bush we know is the biggest eejit this century but I would go as far back as Abe Lincoln to compare the two, I know which one ate the bananas, the guy is a sandwich short of a picnic!

Powder monkey
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#3 Post by Powder monkey »

Lets put it like this. If all the jewish members of Bush's personal staff were turned into pallestians, would Bush have invaded Iraq?
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Bush and Sharon

#4 Post by df2inaus »


The New York Jewish vote was for decades considered bedrock for the Democratic Party and they'll want it back in 2004. You'll be surprised how little changes in the Middle East if the Democrats return to power, whether it be 2004 or '08. Bush-Sharon is more a consequence of the American-Israeli relationship than a Republican-Likud thing in the long run.
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#5 Post by BenChug »

To the victors go the spoils.
Israel won its land via the west and has fought hard to keep it.
Not Sharon's fault that Egypt and friends don't know how to fight a war.
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#6 Post by Tab »

Now which country in the Middle East has weapons of mass destruction?? and what is going to be done about it one wonders????. When all this pressure is being put on the Arab Countries not to have the bomb, then how is it there there only rivial is allowed to have a stock of them. Is it any wonder with such double standards America is not trusted by many of the countries in the Middle East.

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