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Supreme Court

Posted: Wed 03 Mar, 2004 10:44 pm
by owdun
I see that the Lord Chief Justice, (god bless all who sail in her) is kicking the Govt.of Bliar in the crotch over this issue. Seems that the Judges are up in arms over the possible loss of some of their privileges. They are shouting about the loss of ancient rights, and the constant erosion of the Constitution, I must say it's taken 'em long enough to notice what the shite has been up to. Maybe now some powerful voices will start to say NO.

Aye Owdun. :evil:

Posted: Sat 13 Mar, 2004 11:02 pm
by Tab
The main problem is that it appears to be change fpr changes sake, he started to reform the Lords and ran out of ideas on what to do next. The mere fact that they wont let him fill it with is cronies has brought the whole thing into disrepute. Now he wants to select committe chosen by him to pick the new supreme court, talk about a control freak, is it any wonder they all got together to say NO.

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