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Outsourcing the government

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Frank S.

Outsourcing the government

#1 Post by Frank S. »

I caught a report yesterday about the replacement of the presidential helicopter fleet, which is now considering a European design, still to be assembled in the US if adopted. Then today, this: ... arzenegger

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, making his Sunday talk show debut as governor, said that he and other foreign-born citizens should be eligible to run for the White House and that President Bush can carry California in November if he does more to help the state."

Picture this: with so many citizens losing their jobs overseas, George Bush, or some other future prez, being told 'sorry, but we found a better and cheaper president, the new FDR, Fahrid Dhanu Ramanipadna.'

And why not..?

I know I've been impressed by many of my Indian counterparts, among others. Let the debate rage..!


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#2 Post by Guest »

Frank, are Texan`s considered to be natural born americans?

Frank S.

#3 Post by Frank S. »

Yeah. Now, it's a sweeping generalization but I dislike Texas and Texans attitudes. Even though my best oppo hails from there (then again he's Puerto-Rican/Philippino).


#4 Post by Guest »

Frank S. wrote:Even though my best oppo hails from there (then again he's Puerto-Rican/Philippino).
Hey Frank, he could be the next Pres, better look after him mate :wink:

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#5 Post by df2inaus »

If railroads, health and airlines can be nationalized or privatized at the drop of a hat why not privatize the entire civil service?
"Poor Ike, it won't be a bit like the Army. He'll find it very frustrating. He'll sit here and he'll say, 'Do this! Do that!' And nothing will happen."
Harry Truman

Frank S.

#6 Post by Frank S. »

After transnational commerce and threats, transnational politics...



#7 Post by Wholley »

As I mentioned on another thread,
The Governator would not stand a chance against my presidential run.
I'll be running on the republocrat ticket with dear old Ralph as my
running mate.
I'm for NAFTA or against it.
I will bring our boys home,depending.
I PROMISE no new taxes,unless it's expedient.
I'm all for single sex marraige,or not.
No more empire building using our troops,unless there's oil
I will drill in the Alaska Wildlife Reserve unless it becomes unpopular
with the pollsters.
Lastly,my fellow Americans,the NRA may or may not have an office in the
White House.
I think my agenda is clear!
(much whooping and air punching)
Hi I'm Wholley and I approved this message.

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#8 Post by Whitey »

I like your platform Wholley, very inclusive. Can I marry my dog? J/J!
Let them call me a rebel and I welcome it, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of demons were I to make a whore of my soul. (Thomas Paine)


#9 Post by Guest »

Whitey wrote: Can I marry my dog? J/J!
Whitey! four questions

1) is it Legal? :o

2) is the dog a consenting adult :roll:

3) does the dog have bad breath? :x

4) does your dog fancy you? :wink:


#10 Post by Wholley »

Once elected in 2008,
I will ask for a Senate sub-commitee to investigate man/dog relationships.This will encompass all of Hon.Bootnecks questions.
It should take about ten doggie years.
Wholley.Presidential candidate from North Carolina.
sorry Frank.


#11 Post by Guest »

wholley wrote: Wholley.Presidential candidate from North Carolina.
sorry Frank.
Lets hope you win mate, by the way, is that dog house trained? and i hope when it farts, it doesn`t blame it on the humans

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El Prez
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#12 Post by El Prez »

My fellow Incarcerations, who is this pretender to the Benign Throne? Where'd he come sneaking in from. This is a one party state!!! 8)
You should talk to somebody who gives a f**k.
El Presidente


#13 Post by Wholley »

A separate sub-commitee will investigate canine/human flatulence.
I fully expect a timely response as this is something the Senate has experience with.
Wholley. :o
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Frank S.

#14 Post by Frank S. »

That's it, you've all gone goofy...

Speaking of which, when Mickey Mouse appeared in front of the judge for his divorce from Minnie, the judge told him: "I'm sorry Mickey, but you did not prove to me conclusively that Minnie was insane..!"
(in a falsetto:) "I didn't say she was insane!!! I said she was f***g Goofy!!!"


#15 Post by Wholley »

My ears at the Pentagon tell me that Bush has now asked the Joint Chiefs to lay an invasion plan for Cornwall,which he considers to be a member of the"Axis of Dementia"The initial landings will be made at Truro by the only Marine we have left in the US.His orders will be to restore peace to the County and confiscate any Scrumpy of mass destruction he can find.
UN SMD Inspectors,led by Hans Plissed will follow as soon as the County
is secured

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