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Forthcoming US Presidential Elections

Interested or active in politics, discuss here.
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Forthcoming US Presidential Elections

#1 Post by Ex-URNU-Student »

I was watching some of John Kerry the other day after his recent victories and he seems the real deal, Vietnam vet, decorated for bravery and all that.

So what do you all think of him? More importantly, can he beat Bush!?

I have to say I like the look of him from first impressions...

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there is

#2 Post by Chris »

There is a politics forum
Dis i spell that right?

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El Prez
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#3 Post by El Prez »

Chris, who made you a moderator? You're right though! :lol:
You should talk to somebody who gives a f**k.
El Presidente

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#4 Post by Whitey »

Man I wasn't going to vote, but that Kerry is a Gun hater. Maybe Bush ain't so bad. Encourage the negative feedback system you know.
Let them call me a rebel and I welcome it, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of demons were I to make a whore of my soul. (Thomas Paine)

Frank S.

#5 Post by Frank S. »

To hell with all of them...

Vote Guinness.

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#6 Post by Archie »

If the forthcoming election is anything like the previous farce it seems pointless voting. I was in California during the last fiasco and it was absolutely laughable.

Our US cousins make a lot of noise about democracy, but the way that election was held was a graphic demonstration that their democratic process is gravely flawed.

Money talks and and big money, oil money, talks very loud.

I'd like to see the back of George Dubya but if I was a betting man ?????????????

"If there is a better way......find it!" (Thomas Alva Edison)

Powder monkey
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#7 Post by Powder monkey »

A message from us to you.

For your conveniance, the new world order has allready decided who your next master will be. With this in mind, please have a lie in on polling day, maybe even purchase a nice cold beer from a NWO approved retailer, such as Walmart, or for you British folks, Asda-Walmart.

Have a nice day, and remember if you dont pay your taxes, watch the television for at least 4 hours per day and be a bastion of liberalism for the sake of our (thats "our" as in ours not your) wonderfull society. If you decide to object we will sling your ass in Jail on some trumped up charges, where Leroy and his chums will show you, pathetic white boy, some special TLC.

David Silverburg.

Chief politically-correct henchman.
This post was typed up in front of a live studio audience at pinewood studios England.

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