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Posted: Thu 06 May, 2004 9:20 am
by Jon
goreD. wrote:I think that history will show that the NAZI party gave the shot in the arm that the German military so badly needed.

But breaking the Treaty of Versailles in the process. The world should have acted sooner. One of the reasons for attacking Saddam was that, if the UN embargos and sanctions were lifted (which was being pressed for), he would have been able to rebuild his armed forces and weapons on a massive scale. At least we learnt from the 1930s that allowing certain dictators to flourish spelt disastor, even if it was only for that one occassion.

Posted: Thu 06 May, 2004 9:26 am
by Spannerman
..............supposition Jon.................

Posted: Sun 09 May, 2004 11:31 pm
by stokerpoons
Back onto the point i would say the tories have more often than not put there money where their mouth is and spend more on the forces.