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Major John Edwardes

Book of Condolences & Obituaries - Express your sympathy, lest we forget.
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El Prez
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Major John Edwardes

#1 Post by El Prez » Thu 03 Jul, 2003 3:15 pm

Follow the link to the obituary from the Daily Telegraph. Another character goes off to the Tarzan Course in the sky. Rest well. ... db0301.xml
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Maj Edwards

#2 Post by Oakers » Thu 03 Jul, 2003 3:34 pm

A truly inspiring character who I'm sure will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Our condolences to them.

Pilgrim Norway
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#3 Post by Pilgrim Norway » Thu 03 Jul, 2003 9:13 pm

Canny man - as said - an inspiration. AND one of the best of 22.
God speed over the bar.

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#4 Post by barryc » Mon 21 Jul, 2003 2:10 pm

May he enjoy his after life as he enjoyed this one.

Chronology of the obit is a bit suspect, but then he wouldn't have been around to get it right would he?


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#5 Post by Sisyphus » Mon 21 Jul, 2003 2:39 pm

The guy certainly got around a bit! Wonder what he's up to now? No doubt fully enjoying his new posting!

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#6 Post by Chester » Mon 21 Jul, 2003 6:24 pm

Another time, at dead of night, his wife, who did not share his enthusiasm, was an unwilling accomplice in the capture of Georgie Girl, a 25 ft python. She held a candle while Edwardes wrestled with the monster in the darkness.
What a man, he seems to have fitted two lifetimes worth of experience in just one
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Re: Major John Edwardes

#7 Post by Fayeedwardes » Tue 12 Oct, 2010 11:51 pm

Hello, I have just found this Forum via google! and Major John Edwardes was My grandpa.. I am rupert Edwardes daughter Faye.. I would really like to find out more about My grandad as I miss him very much :( If anyone knows anything please contact Me..

My email address is

Thankyou x

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