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Senior Aircraftman Graham Livingstone, Royal Air Force

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Bob Livingstone
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A Father's poem to a lost Son

#16 Post by Bob Livingstone » Sat 26 Dec, 2009 12:39 am

A Father's Poem to his lost Son

Not just about my Son, but for every single military person lost, male or female.


I always said,

When you went away,

That you'd come back,

On a special day.


I never thought,

And didn't ask it,

That you'd come home,

Laid in a casket.

But it's too late,

To change that now,

It's gone and done,

No matter how.

I know it meant a lot to you,

To go and make me proud,

And yes my Son, you surely have,

Stood out amongst the crowd.

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