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Posted: Sun 05 Jul, 2009 4:32 pm
by MSI64
If Int Corps is what you want then I would say, Go for it and dont let anything be put off.

Good luck mate

Posted: Mon 06 Jul, 2009 8:10 pm
by Dixie66
Thanks, yeah i'm going to give it a go, it all depends on how well i do at ADSC and if i get recommended for the Corps...fingers crossed!

Posted: Mon 06 Jul, 2009 8:42 pm
by MSI64
Be aware there is no spaces till at least summer next year for Phase two training. you might have a long wait between Phase one and Phase Two

Posted: Mon 06 Jul, 2009 9:43 pm
by Dixie66
Not thinking that far ahead yet, got to past selection first!

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 9:31 am
by dwarfy
What would happen in that scenario then MSI64?

Would you begin and complete P1 and then have a big gap in between or would you be advised/directed to wait in civvy street for a period before starting P1 so that P1 and P2 rolled off one after the other?

If the first option, what and where would you be likely to be posted for the interim period? Would you become a world class tea boy and odd job man at Chicksands for a few motnhs or would they make use of the time as best possible?

Any thoughts?


Posted: Sat 25 Jul, 2009 9:23 pm
by Sarastro
Dixie66 wrote:and basic training may satisfy your taste for the infantry life style.
Sadly, it won't. Green skills in the Corps are sadly neglected. Aside from this, in my humble opinion, being Bad for any soldier, it is doubly so because there are so many juniors in the Corps who could & want to hack the green stuff. However, at the moment the powers that be are not keen on it.
Another plus is that like with most Corps you have the opportunity to volunteer for the Airborne. There is a chance to serve with 89 Military Intelligence Section attached to 16 Air Assault Brigade.
And the Bootnecks, and SF, and all sorts of gucci units. Luckily, these units are sometimes more open to you getting involved in green stuff, though usually on exercise, courses, and off your own bat.

Have to be quick, so:

Dixie basically has the right idea about the Corps. However, don't expect too much green stuff. The Corps is not bollocks paperwork, but 95% of the work is based inside making assessments & so on. The closest civilian comparison I can give is what you see on TV dramas of a cop show, the murder investigation central investigation room where Morse or whoever does their stuff. It is about absorbing large amounts of information, making deductions, and convincing the CO that those deductions are right.

I think there should be more green stuff, and I know that some senior officers in the Corps think the same, but unless you happen to be under command of one of them, don't expect it. If you want to kick down doors, join the infantry.

Aside from that, I take slight exception at anyone saying the Corps is the 'best they could get'. It is one of the most competitive regiments out there along with Para Reg and so on, just in a different vein - the Reg takes the fittest, the Corps takes the smartest.

If you have any more questions about recruitment or the basic job, I'll answer what I can.