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Great Britain plans to send thousand soldiers in Eastern Europe in order to strengthen it. At the same time some Eastern European countries always try to increase their military capacities.
The unprecedented International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2015” in Moscow has finished its work on June 19, 2015.
Strengthening the role of the Russian Federation in the international political arena has led to an unprecedented rise in the interest of the West to the situation in the development of advanced weapons and military equipment in this country. Moreover, a closer attention is paid to the partners of Moscow in military-technical sphere, including Belarus.
According to the press release of the State Military and Industrial Committee of Belarus, “The leading enterprises of the Belarusian military-industrial complex presented at the Army-2015 new samples of their products, including those developed in collaboration with their Russian partners.”
It is no secret that the current military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia is developing due to the general political and military-strategic interests, as well as to a high degree of economic integration. However, the days of “absolute” choice of Belarusian companies while concluding new contracts since the Soviet Union doesn’t work anymore. A high degree of competition in the global arms market has become a stimulus for Belarus to develop new solutions, military thought and scientific technological innovations in order to strengthen security and defence.
And Belarus has made a major breakthrough, achieving uniqueness of the national military-industrial complex’ products. Numerous samples of demonstrated products are the best proof of the great potential for further deepening of bilateral military-technical cooperation.
Among demonstrated vehicles Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant brought a new 8-wheel truck MZKT-600201 (8x8) and an upgraded 6-wheeler MZKT-600100 (6x6).
The more so, the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant has demonstrated the developed MZKT-500200 (4x4) military cross-country road-size chassis with an independent suspension. And these models are only a small part of the products exhibited at the forum.
One of the logical outcome of the successful Belarus’ participation in the International Military-Technical Forum “Army 2015” and the continued expansion of mutually beneficial military-technical cooperation was the signing of contract on June 16, 2015 between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus and the holding “Helicopters of Russia” of State Corporation Rostec for delivery of twelve military transport helicopters Mi-8 MTV-5 in 2016 -2017.

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