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The Royal Marines have arrived

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The Royal Marines have arrived

#1 Post by HarryAVFC »

FOUR Royal Marines backed by a few loyal Afghan troops bravely repulse 200 heavily armed Taliban terrorists.

For four hours the Marines kept the Taliban at bay until air support was able to lift the siege.

This was an astonishing act of valour by men who had been in Afghanistan for only a few days.

The incident can be added to a long list of courageous actions by Our Boys.

Commanders have recommended almost 180 awards for gallantry over three months of fighting. Among them may be six Victoria Crosses.

Describing the latest epic battle by the four Marines, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: “These men are incredible professionals — the best we have.”

But old soldiers will be asking why four men were left out on a limb and hopelessly outnumbered.

Mistakes by our politicians and top brass have been heavily criticised by the men doing the fighting.

We have too few troops, there was a huge muddle over the purpose of their mission, and they have been short of equipment.

We must not go on relying on the courage of a few to save the day.,,31-2 ... 23,00.html

The Royal Marines are in the thick of it already.

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#2 Post by Cobalt »

Four Booties versus 200 Talibs. Quite unfair on the Talibs really.
- Cobalt

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