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Joining the Paras

Discussions about those units who make up The Parachute Regiment.
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Joining the Paras

#1 Post by Dicko »

Hi All!

So i'm 18 at the moment and currently working as an accounts apprentice and studying my AAT as a backup to the paras.

I just have a few questions regarding the joining process.

- Can I join straight from civie street?

- What are the fitness requirements?

- What can I expect from training ie: day to day?

- I'm quite a skinny guy what supplements should I be taking if any to aid with building muscle and gaining weight?

Thanks all!


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Re: Joining the Paras

#2 Post by Tab »

You not only have to be fit, you need to have that bit extra of mental toughness that gets threw the pain barrier. I was just a skinny kid when I joined and I neve took supplements

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