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British Para Wings - help please.

Discussions about those units who make up The Parachute Regiment.
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British Para Wings - help please.

#1 Post by 44valskerm » Mon 10 Feb, 2014 1:52 pm

Afternoon all
I am an ex South African Para (84 -91), Staff Sergeant now working in a UK Military School. I have joined the CCF and would like to wear wings - I do not however want to offend anyone by wearing Brit Para Wings without permission. I have over 400 static & freefall jumps. Is there a form that needs to be filled in?
Who do I contact to ask for permission/authorisation to wear wings?
Your help much appreciated.
Best wishes

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Re: British Para Wings - help please.

#2 Post by Tab » Mon 10 Feb, 2014 3:32 pm

You can only wear the wings if you have passed all courses including the P Course. If you have earned the South African Military Wings you can request to allowed to wear those. I would strongly suggest that you do not wear the British airborne wings until you have been awarded them.

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Re: British Para Wings - help please.

#3 Post by Mac10 » Tue 12 Aug, 2014 4:00 am

You can go easy route and just join any regiment, then apply for p company.
Or join the para's and do your 6 month training before doing P company.
What way you want to get there. I know what most para's would say about it.

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