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Forces Ex Forces then Forces again

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Forces Ex Forces then Forces again

#1 Post by rob2922 » Fri 24 Dec, 2010 12:29 am

Im Rob just found this site, i served 10 years as REME working out those years with 1 Para, i left in 2000 and attempted to become a civvi, didn't enjoy it and couldn't settle, i then joined the MPGS in 2004.
Altho i am happy in the job i needed more stimulating activities to break the monotany of day to day guarding so over the last few months i developed a website, its aim is to create a unique community, not just for all forces and ex forces but civilians too, despite the closer relationship between our forces and the general public of late there still remained a huge gap between the two communities which created a communication problem.

It is live online but not officially launched until the end of january if your at all interested in taking a butchers its, a large percentace of revinue created by the site will be donated to the various charities who have signed up.


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