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Duty Pilots - Fighter Squadrons WW2

General information on Military History.
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Duty Pilots - Fighter Squadrons WW2

#1 Post by OyiboJohn »

What was the role of the Duty Pilot when so assigned on a Fighter Squadron during WW2?

On what basis were Duty Pilots so assigned?

My father a Sgt.Pilot was Duty Pilot with 234 squadron when 'sent up' on his own to join the rest of his flight who had got involved in a scrap with some Me109's. In my research about about aspects of life on the squadron, an ex 'erk' mechanic remembers Flying Officer 'Bertie' Wootten (later Air Commodore) having a close escape from a German bombing raid when he was Duty Pilot at RAF Warmwell in the spring of 1941.


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Re: Duty Pilots - Fighter Squadrons WW2

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Duty pilots stood by to take of quickly while other members ate and did what they had do, so they would be near the aircraft but not sitting in them

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