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:: Book Review - Soldiers Pocket Book - 2012 Edition ::

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:: Book Review - Soldiers Pocket Book - 2012 Edition ::

#1 Post by Beast » Tue 19 Jan, 2016 1:21 pm

:: Soldiers Pocket Book - 2012 Edition ::


The original concept in 1989 was taken from the previously published Army Cadet Pocket book and additional content was added relative to the Armed Forces. The pocket book was produced solely for TA soldiers this was called The Volunteer, it changed its name to the Soldiers Pocket Book shortly afterwards due to the number of books sold to the regular forces.

The Soldiers Pocket Book was the brain child of a patriotic and entrepreneurial Army Officer and Army Cadet Officer by the name of John Hobbis Harris (Major retired). One might say that he foresaw a likely decline in standards in public life, which might creep into the Armed Forces and wanted to play his small part in enshrining the standards, that he lived by for those of us that would follow on.

For further information on this book follow the review link here at: ... k-2012.php

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