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:: Book Review - MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey ::

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:: Book Review - MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey ::

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:: MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey ::


The untold true story of top-secret British military intelligence undercover operations in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1972-1974.
Much has been talked about SAS involvement in Ulster. Also that of 14 Intelligence Company. Not so with the MRF...

The Mail on Sunday together with BBC Panorama had a a field day with all the 'over the top' media hype by which I'm sure most of you have heard about. With claims that the MRF Unit had targeted unarmed, innocent civilians and had evidence. But as always, all was media hype and no evidence was produced at all, the MRF never targeted unarmed civilians. Grab your copy of one of the Best-selling books currently to date.

:: Review Coming Shortly ::

For further information on this book follow the review link here at: ... cursey.php

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