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Up Date Always Believe In Yourself.

Recommended Books you have read or great films you have watched.
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Up Date Always Believe In Yourself.

#1 Post by steve ossie » Mon 21 Oct, 2013 8:58 am

Just want to say a big THANK YOU for all of those people that have purchased my book in the last couple of weeks. I just want to share a couple of reviews that I have received with regards the book. If you are interested in the book please go to where you will find out how and what format you can get the book in.

Book Description
Publication Date: 6 Aug 2013
This is the true story of a boy shunned by his family, thrown out of the family home and forced to sleep rough on the streets of London. After three years on the streets and getting work were he could, he saw a sign. "Join The British Army". Now 17 years old he walked in to the army careers office and signed up for 22 years with an option of serving nine. Stevens story concentrates on the lighter side of the Army,including many of his cock-ups along the way,up and down the ranks like a Yo Yo due to too many drunken brawls. From his parents to army instructors they all said he was a waster and would achieve nothing in life. Seventeen years later he walks back into the camp he had joined as a recruit, as the new Regimental Sergeant Major. They all said he couldn't do it, he proved them all wrong. Always Believe In Yourself

Steven Hanson just finished it mate, great read, took me back to the good days,even the shit days were good when you look back.congratulations on a brilliant book steve.

Matt Tank Currently half way through it..... 1 word describes it...... AWESOME!
Really well written, the fact there's a few spelling mistakes makes it all the mike endearing to read.... Typical gritty squaddie-humour, and well worth every penny!

By Cruicky
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Having served in the RCT Ossie has taken me back on a real nostalgic trip,this book would make a great read for any one with an interest in life in the British Army

4.0 out of 5 stars Heartily recommend this book 18 Oct 2013
By Pavlos
I have just read this book and also the reviews. In my opinion, the book is factual, funny and emotive. It is written in an earthy, natural style. Some reviews mention a couple of spelling and grammatical errors.That's a bit like watching Eastenders and criticising the Cockney accents to be honest! It is surely a must for any young person thinking of joining the British Army.I wish "Always believe in yourself" had been around way back in 71 when I joined the RCT. Well done, Ossie.

Colin Checksfield Finished it last night, always good to hear about how life really is in uniform. Well done Steve

Wayne Schnabel Just read it Steve. Cracking book. Brought back good memories and not so good. I was in the BV with Dave Jenkins behind yours when the accident happened, a very sad day. Good to see your well mate.

Robert Graham Thompson Ordered it one day, received it the next read it the next night, all so very true of so many squaddies, Steve, excellent purchase

Enjoyed this book so much, it was good to read something that was not all doom and gloom and that brought back a lot of fond memerios, thanks Steve all the best for the future

Thanks for all the above comments Ossie.

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