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99p Promo The Homicidal Earl by Saul David

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99p Promo The Homicidal Earl by Saul David

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99p Promo (until Tues 17th Sept) The Homicidal Earl: The Life of Lord Cardigan by Saul David.

Really interesting and insightful read into the life of an early celebrity. See Amazon description below with link.

The 7th Earl of Cardigan will forever be remembered as the man who led the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava in 1854.

A fatal event for so many of his men, it was to rejuvenate Cardigan's life.

Hitherto his career had been dogged by public scandal and professional disgrace: a failed marriage to a divorcee, two court appearances for adultery, two courts martials, numerous duels (which earned him the sobriquet "the homicidal earl"), and a state trial for intent to murder, but on his return from Balaclava, Cardigan was hailed as a hero.

But was Cardigan a hero?

Or was the fierce criticism of his conduct in the Crimea by fellow officers - that he treated horses badly and men worse - justified, and in keeping with his reprehensible past?

Casting Cardigan against the colourful backdrop of a country in the throws of social, political and economic revolution, Saul David unravels the enigma of this incorrigible, reprehensible and fascinatingly contradictory man, and brings him back to vibrant life.

Download your promo copy here:

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