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Knife Edge: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge. FREE!

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Knife Edge: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge. FREE!

#1 Post by EndeavourPress »

This is a great ebook about a classic WW2 battle. Perfect for those interested in military history or just looking for an interesting read. This eBook is FREE for the next few days!

Download it here: ... e+eneavour

The Battle of the Bulge was the last great conflict of World War Two.

An epic confrontation, it almost turned the tide of the war.

It was Hitler's last great gamble.

But the decisive role of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and the British-led forces in thwarting the Fuhrer's plans has remained largely hidden from view.

In 'Knife Edge: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge', the military historian Robert Oulds tells the real story of that victory.

The bold German surprise attack shocked and nearly overawed the American forces in the path of the Panzer’s ferocious assault.

The German Fuhrer had the British commander in his sights. Ultimately the leader of the Third Reich wanted to capture the British-held port of Antwerp and then isolate and destroy Montgomery’s 21st Army Group.

But Monty, as the Field Marshall was known, was never going to let that happen.

He planned the allied response to the German attack, took over the command of two American armies, and drove the Nazis back.

The Battle of the Bulge was very much Montgomery’s battle.

And the victory when it finally came was his victory.

'Knife-Edge' punctures many of the myths that have grown up around the battle, and looks at the enormous controversy surrounding Montgomery’s role at the heart of this great confrontation between Nazi Germany and the allies.
Some historians have sought to almost write him out of the fighting altogether - but now it is time to tell the long overdue story of Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge.

Drawing on telegrams and personal letters, Oulds brings the role of Monty vividly to life. It is a book that no one interested in World War Two will want to miss.

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Re: Knife Edge: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge. FREE

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There were three sides in this battle, British / American / German as the greatest amount of fighting was done by the Americans in this battle then they took the honours. Things may have been different if Montgomery had not taken over the American forces in his area like god who was going to root out the sinners, and upset every one leaving hem with out a friend in any Allied camp.

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