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Generation Kill

Recommended Books you have read or great films you have watched.
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Generation Kill

#1 Post by jammin87 »

Hi Guys,
I was reading the metro the other day and saw an article about this series. It's a TV series called "Generation Kill". It's based on the series of articles by a journalist called Evan Wright for Rolling Stone magazine. Wright was embedded with the US Marines during their invasion of Iraq, more specifically their 1st Recon Battallion.

It's a pretty well made series, by the same guys who made "The Wire". Definitely worth watching. I think the second episode aired on FX Sunday just gone - however, the whole series (7 episodes) aired last year in the US. I downloaded it at mininova, for those of you who know how to download torrents.

Also, Wright was embedded in the same company as a platoon leader called Nathaniel Fick. Fick wrote a book of his experiences in the USMC called "One Bullet Away - The Making Of A Marine Officer". I think it was Harry that originally recommended that book on this side, but I do not think anyone has said about Generation Kill, the series. Hope you guys enjoy it if you manage to get your hands on it.

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#2 Post by fodd »

Iv'e seen this not to bad!!

hey mate are you still living in melbourne? im living in perth Wa now mate.
ex nod was diagnosed with chronic compartment syndrome rejoining eventually.

currently in australia as im traveling the world before i rejoin the marines.

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#3 Post by AJtothemax »

Watching it, although the book is far better.

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#4 Post by Mike90 »

Very 'American' if you know what I mean. Also noticed there is plenty of screen time spitting and talking about pooping. Alright for a bit of light entertainment, certainly no 'Band Of Brothers'.

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#5 Post by Beast »


Re: Generation Kill

#6 Post by Wholley »

Danielchristopherlee wrote:The book "Generation Kill" is extremely well written, unsual for an American and is at times even darn funny !
Thankyou for your input.
I must tell my Fellow Americans about this sweeping generalisation.
I'm sure most will find it "darn funny" 8)


Re: Generation Kill

#7 Post by Wholley »

Just a gentle joshing Daniel :D
I took a lot of"Yank Bashing"when I first joined and look at me now :o

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