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Looking for Information

Require help and assistance, please ask?
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Looking for Information

#1 Post by Barbill »

Hi, we've recently had a death in our family and we've found some army memorabilia and are trying to find out any information we can about him.

Weve found the medal attached, which looks like a Northern Ireland Campaign Service Medal & a pin along with it, but dont know if its Army related?

He didnt have any other records, and wanted to know if there was anyone we can go to to request any records from & his time in the army?

We know when he joined up (early 70's) but don't know much past that?

IMG_20160623_212328_c.jpg (241.83 KiB) Viewed 4071 times
IMG_20160623_205719_c.jpg (113.71 KiB) Viewed 4071 times

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Re: Looking for Information

#2 Post by Tab »

Around the edge of the medal it should give you the name No and Regiment that the person served in and it should have a GSM Ribbon with a broad purple band on the centre and two thinner green ones down each side. The pther one is for donating blood

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