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100 push ups... again.

Require help and assistance, please ask?
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#16 Post by Beast »

Your right, but it doesnt take long and its simple.

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Obi Wan Kenobi

#17 Post by Obi Wan Kenobi »

I do 91!


#18 Post by just_me »

I did at some point use that 100 pushups programme but eventually I ditched it because it was too complicated and the results weren't what they promised to be. I just stick to the practice makes perfect rountine, that being doing pushups in the morning, before bed and any other time I can be arsed really. Better results I find without all the drama as you will improve steadily without giving it too much thought as it is a daily rountine, like brushing your teeth or having a shower.
I don't think there is really much reason you would need to splash out on "special" pushups bars when the ground is perfectly OK, I haven't really used them it just seems to be an extra "nessessity" that people can make money from. Although if they only cost £2 what have you to lose apart from 200 pence??

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#19 Post by Hands on »

Have not seen a big arms thread In a while :D

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#20 Post by Glenn »

Ok fair enough if that works for you. I dont seem to stick to doing excercises on a regular basis if i havent got a programme to follow. I really find it motivates me to get it done, rather than put it off and not end up doing anything. So far its working great for me.

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#21 Post by sportbilly42 »

Glenn wrote: ......was just wondering if anyone here uses or has used press-up bars. Would you, or wouldnt you recomend using them? What benefits/ disadvantages do they have?
I’ve never used them and would be wary of giving them a try. Someone was using them in the gym while I was sat there watching TV ........(ahem) I mean, while I was on the rowing machine..... One of the bars flipped onto it’s side while he was furiously pushing up some push ups.

There was a ‘snapping’ sound, followed by a loud “AAAAGHHHH!!!” and one broken wrist......

Never saw the chap back in the gym again and the bars were put away in a locker to collect dust on top of the blood spots....... I prefer to save £2 and use the ground. The ground’s very versatile, cos you can also use it for situps...... :wink:

However, if you want gimmicks to improve your press up figures I’d recommend using the ‘anti-gravity belt’. Push ups are a piece of pi$$ when you buckle this baby on and instantly shed 16 stone...... if you’re 16 stone :oops: (Note to self: Remember New Years resolution from 2006 - lose weight)

Available in a variety of colours, this bloke’s using a grey one......

Online training programmes are available, such as .......

.........but as long as you understand the principle that you push down on the floor to go up, then your training instructor will do the rest ..... :D

“DOWN TEN!!!!”

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#22 Post by sterion66 »

Started this programme currently on day 3 of week 1. Considering the end of day 1 i only did a maximum of 28 and day 2 i did 30 i feel it's working. Not just based on those figures but the fact day 2 has a higher number of pushups required in the sets too. Also completing the 200 situp programme. I shall keep you posted

Mike(with arm burn)

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#23 Post by sterion66 »

Pushups(Right hand side column)

Week 3 day 1 - Completed max (28) - Total 88
Week 3 day 2 - Completed max (30) - Total 102
Week 3 day 3 - Completed max (32) (5min rest after set 4 though)-Total 124

Situps(Middle column)

Week 3 day 1 - Completed max (28) - Total 109
Week 3 day 2 - Completed max (28) - Total 119
Week 3 day 3 - Completed max (41) - Total 143

I always do the pushup exercise first followed by a 10 minute break then situps. Week 3 day 3 i did the first set of the right column before switching back to the middle by mistake. Hence the total being higher than you would expect. As long as you push yourself hard seems to be working i guess i'll see more next week.

Situps seemed to be a lot easier , these are done without my feet under support just flat on the floor with knees bent. All i can say is save some testosterone. It sure pays off when you need aggression for training.


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