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Have you written your Will yet..?

General chat about Military Finance, Pensions, etc.
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NAAFI Financial
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Have you written your Will yet..?

#1 Post by NAAFI Financial »

Writing a Will is something you know you should do, but never get round to doing. Do you know what would happen to your estate if the worst happened?
For example, if you have a partner but are not married, your partner would not automatically be entitled to any of your estate.

NAAFI Financial in association with ProfessionalWills provides a free online service that can help.

Use the website to:
·Find out what a Will is
·Discover what would happen to your estate without a Will using our Intestacy Calculator
·Learn about Inheritance Tax
·Create a Will online

Visit the website

We offer two types of Will writing:

Basic Will-Writing - £19
You answer questions through the website and your Will document is e-mailed to you with full details of how to sign it.

Solicitor Approved Will-Writing - £50
This is a better option if you have complicated requirements. For just £50 you can complete your Will online and have it checked by a solicitor.

Spouses or partners can create a Mirror Will for just £20 extra.

For more information about wills visit the website
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#2 Post by Spannerman »

Did it 8 years ago, mirror will format.

For anyone that hasn't made a will, do so as it really does complicate things if you or your relatives don't. The cost of not making a will far outweighs the cost of spending £50.

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#3 Post by J J »

just a question:
is writing a will something you must do before joining???never really thought about that
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#4 Post by Hyperlithe »

You don't HAVE to, but it's a good idea for anyone really, just makes things less complicated for your family should the worst happen.
I wrote mine when i bought my house.
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#5 Post by Tab »

Look around you and just see what you have to leave and who would make the best use of it or enjoy the item the most, then make out your list of just who you want to get what and get it sorted out with a Solicitor.
Also you need to look out for just who want to act for you to sort things out once you are dead. If you leave it to a solicitor then he could claim up to 3% of your estate to carry out your instructions, so if you have a property then you could face a big bill, also they are not noted for their speed and they can take a couple of years to sort it all out. I have done this a couple times now and found that it is not difficult to do your self and you can get it all cleared up in 3 months for less than £100.00.

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I have mine done through the mob. Any conflict and you will have to make a will. The MOD alows you to make a free on and lodge it with your unit. It is a good idea to do a 'proper one' though... at least someone who knows what they are talking about can advise you.
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