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Retrospective Medical Discharge

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Retrospective Medical Discharge

#1 Post by GrenadierGuard1301 »

Hi troops.

Sonim new to this forum and just want to thank everybody who contributes to it. As we know the biggest killer of morale (Apart from getting out your gonk bag at 03:00) is the lack of int.

So I was Retrospectively Medically Discharged last year after a 10 year battle with PTSD after my first OP Herrick tour (SIX) and was made homeless (another story).

After sitting the occupational health full medical board, FMB, and granted P8 I was surprised when I was told I personally have to write to the Department of Manning (Army), DM (A) to sit another board to have it accepted. Not a drama anyways and they accepted the FMB decision.

They have now wrote to me stating that they have ulpheld the decision and they have sent the same letter of confirmation to veterans Uk pension division.

Has anyone had any dealings with these guys. As it seems that after 5 months I’m finally at the last hurdle and awaiting my pension, the time when they have to put their hands in their pockets, I worry that this is going to be dragged out even further.
I wouldn’t mind but as I’m not working due to this f***ing head of mine I’m worried about how to put food on my kids tables.

If anyone has any gen on this I’d be super appreciative.

Nice one troops.


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Re: Retrospective Medical Discharge

#2 Post by Beast »


Just wanted to say, glad to hear you got the help you needed i hope and your at the last hurdle, stick at it mate and hope someone comes along and can help or shine a light a little more.

Take it easy and stay safe.

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