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Debit fraud?

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Debit fraud?

#1 Post by Stinky »

Basicly somebody has being using my debit card to pay for their T-Mobile whatever for the last 5 months. Normally it was £80 a month except one which was £280. On the bank statment it says it's been payed through using a card transaction (not a direct debit), but there is no chance somebody has been helping themself to my card once a month to buy something. How would somebody do this I'm a little confused.
Anyway I phoned up T-mobile and they said they could not give me the number to which all this money is going to. Now I bet it's somebody in the block, all i'll need is the number and i'll beat the 600 and whatever pounds out of him, but seeing as I can't get the number, can anything be done to get the guy who stole the money? And most of all will I get my money back because the charges have been payed using my debit card?

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#2 Post by Al_2 »

This recently happened to a mate of mine and yes they did get all there money back, it took about a month I think, have a word with your bank.
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#3 Post by Tab »

What ever is happening it is theft, try your local police station, but go armed with your bank statements and any thing else that is revelant


#4 Post by Wholley »

Contact your bank first.
They will have a fraud specialist who will contact the police on your behalf.
This happened to my partner last year to the tune of £1500.Took about a month to get it sorted but overdraft charges were waived and a complete payback was made.

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