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bankruptcy within the RAF

General chat about Military Finance, Pensions, etc.
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bankruptcy within the RAF

#1 Post by dookie1412 »

hello, im just curious if anybody can help me? i need some information regarding the RAF and bankruptcy, is it possible to be declared bankrupt whilst serving and what are the consequences of this within the force? any information would be greatfully recieved


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#2 Post by Tab »

Like the Police Force it is frowned upon, if I was you I would have a word with the welfare officer at your base and get some more professional advice


#3 Post by anglo-saxon »

Tread carefully. It could have ramifications on reliability checks leading to enhanced security classifications and therefore even career implications. Here, all bankruptcies have to be reported to Dept of National Defense HQ.

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#4 Post by babula »

How long after chapter 13 bankruptcy can you purchase a home? Everything that i've read says that you can get a home after 1 year in a ch 13 bankruptcy, 2 years after ch 7 bankruptcy, and 3 years after a foreclosure. I am about to file a chapter 13, and wonder how long would I have to wait before I could purchase a home. Does anyone know the actual rule and could you point me to the website or where you got your information?
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Re: bankruptcy within the RAF

#5 Post by michel-laws »

Bankruptcy in the RAF is a BIG NO
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