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Britain's WW2 Debt To America

Posted: Sun 18 Dec, 2005 7:14 pm
by Tab
I was reading today the Britain will have paid of the last debt by 31st December 2006

Posted: Sun 18 Dec, 2005 11:07 pm
by Shoulderholster
I did quite a lot of reading up on this about six/seven months ago.I was under the impression that this year would see the end to our war debt.
Do a google search on the subject and you will find a lot of interesting stuff starting with the WW1 war debt.
How the British goverment was going to write off Germanys war debt/reparations,But due to the US forcing UK to pay them back we had to get the money from somewhere so the Germans had to pay us to pay them.Combined with the punitive reparations that the French required from Germany this led to etc etc.
I want to know who we borrowed from to finance the latest fiasco,war on the never never,who'd haave thought?.