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royal marines special forces

Discussions about those units who make up the Commando’s.
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royal marines special forces

#1 Post by tomovyick »

if i want to join the royal marine but want to join the sas do the paras or army have a better chance

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#2 Post by mr_man_2168 »

prepare for incoming, tomovyick :wink:

SF selection is tri-service and you can apply from any branch, chef, clerk, whatever, if you have what it takes you'll get in, it has nothing to do with your previous service.
That said.... shouldn't you concentrate on getting into the RM before you aspire to the SAS?? It's nice to have long-term goals like, but one step at a time and all that..
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#3 Post by Airborne Legend »

Seconded :)
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#4 Post by _Mark_ »

mr_man_2168 wrote:it has nothing to do with your previous service.
Yes and no, if the long term goal is SF then an infantry background will make it easier, if and when the time comes.

marine or PARA, will, in my opinion will be a better direction than other jobs/trades/regiments, plus If SAS is your main goal, the Para's should be considered, as you can get SFSG experience in 1bn, and you will learn the core infanteer skills that others (non infantry) will have learn from basics after selection.

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#5 Post by Tab »

You can also get through to SFSG from F Company RM


#6 Post by Wholley »

With spelling and grammar like the above he will be lucky to get through Girl Guide training,tough though it is. :o

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#7 Post by Mike90 »

Wholley wrote:tough though it is. :o
Hello there Yoda! :D
Tab wrote:You can also get through to SFSG from F Company RM

Spoke to people in the last day or two reference going SFSG, apparently it is more of an arse to get there than if you are in the Parachute Regiment and even then it is only for a couple of years until you are moved elsewhere.

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