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The death nell of an Old Friend

Posted: Fri 13 Feb, 2009 11:16 am
by Mike
I don't come on her very often and when I do I am saddened by what I see and read.

I remained on site for quite a while hoping that it could be turned around to be the exceptional Military site that it once was. One where information, advice, stories were part of its every day life and where I could meet old buddies and make new friends

There were some excellent members, El Prez, Mutley, Loz, Andy O'Pray Joe, Bootneck, Monahan, MadMick, Sea Soldier, Nomad, Doc, to name but a very few, they all have gone to pastures new, some of the Old and Bold remain but find it hard to post in the light of crap that is killing this forum........

Those of the new brigade who find my post not to their liking should go back a couple of years to see what the forum was like...........perhaps then you would stop your quibbling. Ye'know, some times I wonder if you were or are members of the services...

Beast, I am sorry that what was once a Brilliant site has deteriorated to a slanging forum and nothing like it's heyday. Sad really that it appears to be frequented by Children and total tossers..... But there you go... best of luck mate, thanks for the good times........I have many happy memories of this forum.

I, like many before me, I have found pastures new, yep the grass is greener on the other side.... And No I wont be back again


PS: Pilgrim... Sad to say the Listeners are no longer needed, I too stayed for the same reason........... Life changes Old Mucker

Posted: Fri 13 Feb, 2009 11:26 am
by Wholley
I,like many before agree with you.
Listeners are however always needed.
Just like Boy Scouts,always ready to help someone off the bus.
Whether they want to get off it or not.
It seems El Prez is no longer present on the other side either.
The only one I don't miss is Doc the creepy Welsh git!! :P

Posted: Sat 14 Feb, 2009 7:49 pm
by Pilgrim Norway
Moke - I agree -

In this evening to check the posts - don't think I'll be doing it any more -

The users here have apparently not yet joined any service unit .....
Therefore I do not expect any traffic over the Talk to a Listener thread.
There are no serving members in danger of needing assistance. There
could of course be a caller fro0m 'outside'.

The other members who were qualified to give counsel have left because
of the discord caused mainly by one user. We just can't be bothered any

Wholley - would you believe that El Prez also had a run in - on the other
side - some users are on both channels - he is away now, however, with
a 'pain in the neck' .....

Beast - it's a shame - I've always enjoyed the Forum and it's not your

With the removal of the "Bunker" where we could at least converse
without the mindless banter in other threads - where admission had
to be agreed upon by the members as a whole - we lost our landline.
Some perhaps felt that they were being back talked .....
Anyway - our loss.

Check out how many threads of a possible thirty five (? one page) are
entered by one user.... very monotone.

Harry Hackedoff is ok and in good shape - well if that expression can be
used and Harry ever had a good shape ! He rang me the other day
and we exchange mails often -

I'm joining Moke.

best 'aye,

Posted: Sun 15 Feb, 2009 1:22 am
by Artist
Sad but true people. This site has lost it drive and most importantly lost it's verve and original purpose. I can still remember the day when a ruck of us met up in a pub in Nantwich. Twas a cracking good day. All ages from younguns to owduns met, talked and enjoyed each others company.

First post I've put on here for yonks.


Posted: Tue 17 Feb, 2009 5:50 am
by Green Man
Rarely a truer word said.

I joined in Feb 04 and used to spend hours on here revelling in the hilarity, enjoying the banter, and generally having a good time.

I think the first to call it quits was bootneck, if I recall rightly. El Prez and dutybooty and many other good folk fell off the radar thereafter. A domino effect if ever there was one.

What's that old saying? "All good things must come to an end"?

It really has been a slice! Thanks to all for a few good years from a non-bootneck.


G-M (formerly (A-S)

Posted: Tue 17 Feb, 2009 5:14 pm
by Pilgrim Norway
Well well well - is that an IP from the US of A ?

New entry ?

Posted: Wed 18 Feb, 2009 5:57 am
by Harvey1980
Artist wrote:First post I've put on here for yonks.

You've not been missed

Go back to where you came from and stay there this time

Posted: Wed 18 Feb, 2009 8:42 am
by Wholley
Pilgrim Norway wrote:Well well well - is that an IP from the US of A ?

New entry ?
Pacific coast of Canada Trog,aka Anglo_Saxon :P

Harvey,stop being so mean to the nice Mr.Artist.
He's a nice boy who doesn't drink his bathwater(So his mum says)

Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 2:21 pm
As some may be aware there is which is booming, thanks in no short amount to the fact that the mods there don't e-stomp over the newcomers and bring allegiances from offline over to the web...

You can't talk to would be recruits (lifeblood of the members here) the same way you talked to the nods or whoever under your command 20 years ago, times have changed. If you can't accept that then it's Beasts job as Admin to "have a word."

My 2penneth worth.

This is not all the fault of the "children and tossers" or whover the old and bold see fit to blame.

Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 6:45 pm
by Wholley
If they can't take a joke then they should'nt even try to join.
Thank you for your positive input.

Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 8:39 pm
by Pilgrim Norway

You'll find that what caused this entry originally was put down to one
users misuse and banal entries all over the board.

Clearly the newbies have a right to a forum such as this one - where else
should they turn for advice..... ? Regardless to which arm of the service
they were thinking of joining advice was to be had - we've never had restrictions governed by 'lid'.

This has never been an issue between old and bold and newbies -
we've mostly shown patience. Users simply became bored by one users
entries with constant sniping at other members and in particular moderators.

PM's were exchanged etc etc..... not good vibes.

best of luck with the 'other' site -
hope you attract some old, old people too - it helps balance.

Paul - I see you everywhere - you thin on the ground ? 8)

best 'aye,

Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 9:07 pm
by Doc
After 6 years here I welcome Mikes post, hope you are well old mucker.

I have been thinking a fair bit lately about military forums, sad I know but hey I am sad!

Originally this was a forums for the old and bold, mainly ex bootnecks and then they even let me in.....wholley got in but fark knows how :lol:

As it grew, alot of wannabes started to post, mainly in the school holidays and to start with it was great fun having a dig back and mis-informed youth. Remember Artist having to explain pressups on a daily pressups to 14 year old potential SAS troopers!!??!! Laugh I nearly followed through!

However for lots of reasons particular to each member, people started to drift away, not all for bad reasons, usual I would gather in places such as these and very indivdual.

The wannabes then took over, not in a hostile way, just because the place attracted lads with the old and bold offering advice. When 14 year old Andy McNobs then started to tell the old and bold they were wrong and then go onto offering other Andy McNobs advice some of us mentioned a seperate forums.....MFAT!!! Not only a ways of keep MF for what it was originally designed to do, but to also offer the wannabes a place to do what they deamed suitable.

Moderation kicked off big time when walts and trolls kicked in, and yes we had some right nasty farkers. Not in RC's league at all. Then again he in my eyes just enjoyed taking the pish a little too much and not actually engage in bringing the place down. Never the less the whole episode drove people apart, not just because of the instigation of the problems but also the retaliation! Which is still ongoing with the odd snipey post finding its way into the forums.

So because of a lack of interest the forums were combined again to re-kick a re-birth.

Problem is now some of us original posters are still posting the way we always have and other people are offended by this.

Maybe the place should be left to the wannabes and walts and the old and bold instead of trying to re-create the forums of birth, should surrender and escape

Maybe and heres a thought, instead of MFAT we should have for those of us who liked the old crack to form our own club. And yes any wannabes joining and walts could be baited with and royally farked off asap! (after fun was had obviously!)

The problem is between the two factions that currently make up MF, wannabes and has beens! Plus then add in the walts, trouble makers and trolls.

Listeners froup as Pilgrim said was destroyed by a troll, and we actually did alot of work and alot of that did some good...fark, it even helped me when I was eating ciggies and pouring warm tea into my ear!

This place will now always be a battle of wills and people will come and go. People will fall out and people will spout off.

I for one am tired of trying to encourage standards, even tonight I am reading threads with "u" and "m8" being used, against forums standards from day one. Pissing in the wind springs to mind.

As for other forums...good luck....although I dread to think of cotton wool bearing wannabes advising other wannabes that yes having one leg in their experience wont bar them from entry into the underwater knife sharpening course.

So what to do, Jay is a goer dont you think lol

this place will now not change, it has no soul, has no identity and has no direction, not because of those that ry but because of those that look at small segments of MF and then bark they have an overall understanding.

Maybe the old and bold should re-org, change mags and outflank the idiots and wannabes and retake what we created and is rightfully ours????

Stand by...O Group in teh bunker asap when it re-opens, if it doesnt stand by here for more intel. Snipers take up overwatch and shoot someone if bored!

WOT SAY YEEEEE M8'S??????????

Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 9:32 pm
by Stokey_14
Shame it seems to have gone this way, being a 'wannabe' my self I came on the site (MFAT mainly) a couple of years back and found plenty of answers to my quite bone questions, it not only helped me to get fitter and more knowledgeable but then I got to know a few cracking folks and tried to help as much as I could with questions I knew the answer to (mainly fitness wise as I believe I'm pretty knowledgeable in that felid and there are better qualified people to answer for on the military side of things)

Maybe I'm viewed by some as a 'wannabe' pain due to the fact i haven't yet gone thought training. There nothing i can do about that.

The site helped me and I'm sure many others, I never saw it's 'best years' and agree it has died of recent . Would a new forum really get rid of the knobs? Would there be a blanket ban on anyone who hasn't served at some point? Not saying thats necessarily a bad thing, tis the only way i could see in keeping the knobs out and by right any group should have the right to exchange comments in private. But it would also stop, future people like me who actually want to take advice from the 'been there and done it mob' as well as meet and discuses with wannabes the things that all potential recruits must go thought getting that useful information.

Either way, what ever happens I've really benefited from it and no many others will have to. As well as seeing and meeting some top draw folks, old, young, male and female... shame they seem to be in the minority now

All the best


Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 9:33 pm
by Wholley
Pilgrim Norway wrote: Paul - I see you everywhere - you thin on the ground ? 8)
I'm just about to jump.
Doc makes a lot of sense with his well thought out post above(even though he is a Welsh Twat)There is no place for us to go for those quiet,reflective moments when we walk into a room and wonder what we are doing here.
Remind me.......What am I doing here?

Posted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009 9:40 pm
by Doc
Stokey a forum suggestion for ex forces would mean just that

Under the wannabes umbrella I do include the good and the bad, not because I have you all in the same box but because those of us who have served like to talk to others who have served and no one else.

So if someone who hadnt served wanted to join even they were the best thing since an upstairs in abungalow, they wouldnt be allowed too, saying that we may get an ex forces member who is a complete and utter prong, our problem.

I used to input alot into mfat and on here in the early days (and still do) to wannabes asking gen questions, I also bait the w4nkers for my own amusement too

I also bait decent guys just to get a bite as thats me....

I also can take the piss back, its fun, but these days noone baits back they just drip and slag...poor form.

Wholley, agreed bunker back please Jay asap