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Posted: Mon 11 Mar, 2002 10:17 am
by ratso
I requested that a link be provided for other sites especially civvie-street...

The Reply...

Thank you for e-mail. Yes the site you mentioned is a good site, but the Royal Marines Official Site is only linking to serving websites except the RM Museum. This is because we would be inundated with other RM Websites who would expect to be linked and we cannot include them all on this site.


Corps Sec Clerk

Do they need reminding that this is about us as well as them or do we not count at all...
So much for the RM web site being a good thing, I think they need a wake up call on what the web is really about and that is inter relationships with other sites.
The yanks seem to understand this better that our Corps...

Posted: Mon 11 Mar, 2002 3:33 pm
by BullDog
I think they have probably had so much civvie-street pushed down their neck ~ not to mention it leads the way which they failed to do...

so no wonder they won't link to it really.

Posted: Mon 11 Mar, 2002 5:04 pm
by Brian E
Well said Bulldog.
We have to give the Official site and the RMA time to come to terms with the internet and the unofficial RM sites. I don't think they are being unhelpful or awkward, but more of a case of being cautious and letting things develop naturally.