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Camp circuit?

Discussions about those units who make up the Commando’s.
harry hackedoff
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#16 Post by harry hackedoff » Tue 01 Aug, 2006 4:23 pm

PTIs can`t help it mate :roll: I think their initiation ceremony is to blame :o
"The Branch" as they call it, will stage a coup d`etat one day and the whole Corps will be forced to do the PTI Course :o
They`re deffo taking over :o Think about it. :-? They wear their own uniforms(blue trousers white vest) have their own rank structure(Yes Staff :o ) rank is measured in clubs and they are all bone, ugly fcukers who couldn`t trap their plums whilst the rest of us are total Stacks Rates, obviously 8)
Artist, thats not what matches are for, you naughty naughty man you 8)

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#17 Post by JR » Tue 01 Aug, 2006 4:23 pm

:silly: Steve.....Nice to see you back onboard? dont forget to hand in your station card top of the Brow!.
and lets get back to the old cut and thrust :yeah:
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