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(TA) SAS Selection

General discussions on joining & training within Special Forces.
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Re: (TA) SAS Selection

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Re: (TA) SAS Selection

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Congrats mate, after looking about for a decent boot the arrows seem to point towards danners or Rockies, I can find danners no bother but can anyone elaborate on Rockies??

Best of luck gudguy

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Re: (TA) SAS Selection

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ianianian wrote:
agapito wrote:Hello, dont know how the TA work but when i went for my pre selection(for SRR) i wasn't allowed to use non issued boots and i have nice blisters to show for it. Also, i didn't think you could train with special forces until you've passed atleast the pre selection? This sounds funny to me, anyway hope you have a head for heights for pre selection.
boot is your last worry,if you are asking this kind of question i would think you are not experienced enough for special forces :lol: :roll: :x :oops: :P :D :D :onfire: :onfire:
Sarcasm, do you understand? Not interested in further replies.

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