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Just a question, slag if you want.

General discussions on joining & training within Special Forces.
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#31 Post by Rover »


Reading the article I would hazard a guess that the main load would be dumped at a pre planned location and would be your re-supply point. Lets face it they would not be intending to fight-through with that weight on the back.

As you state, Ospray, weapon,ammo, water. day sack!
Would you realy wish to be carrying any more on a three day op?


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#32 Post by druadan »

It seems excessive, my normal kit weight was 100-120lbs inc. armour etc, and that was a royal pain in the arse to break contact with, to put it mildly. You'd have to be carrying a LOT of extra link/bombs/whatever to make 200lbs+, and you couldn't fight in it. Maybe the article confused lbs and kgs. But then I wasn't there, so I won't say it's not correct on this occasion.

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#33 Post by Artist »

Most I ever carried was in fact a ruck. One HF 316 radio, A Base plate for an 81 mm morter (was not HW so didn't know the weight) plus a tube of 4 rounds. My G1098 Webbing (roughly 30Lbs), An L42n rifle plus other stuff. must have been at least 130Lbs. Did it thirty odd years ago in Oman. Negative transport so of we jolly well went.

At the start of the deployment I weighed in at 15 stone. Once back in the Oman after three weeks I then found that I weighed in at 12 stone. Ho Hum, such is life.


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#34 Post by Obi Wan Kenobi »

To put the weights issue into some form of perspective.

In training I weighed about 140lbs.

On the bottom field we had to carry an oppo, of similar size, 200m in 2 minutes (I think).

Oppo 140lbs, plus webbing and rifle (35lbs) = 175lbs.

Own webbing and rifle 35lbs.

Total = 210lbs.

I can't speak for anyone else but after 200m, I was a tad close to collapse. In clean fatigue, most of us could walk 100m per minute for long distances.

I don't ever recall having the time or inclination to weigh my bergan (on exercise or Ops) but I don't think anything much over 100lbs was feasible for any great distances. Remember the soldier would also be carrying his webbing and weapon.

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