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I was sent a message that i have failed my medical because i have suffered malaria before which i also know that i have

Posted: Mon 03 Apr, 2017 3:27 pm
by Kwasi Emma
What should i do because am a commonwealth citizen and when I have sent my RGMD to the British Medical centre. I am from Ghana and through Jesus i wont be failed. My appeal is sent and am waiting for a reply although the wanted to reject me but i dont accept defeateasily and so is a soldier. I want to join the army no matter what . Please give out ur suggestions for me to know my stand.
i will continue to send them the appeal until they finaly send me the interview letter because we all know that malaria is treated and cured. Mine was a simple headache as the signs of which my Gp wrote that the last date for consultation and reason was what he wrote as the malaria on 3rd November 2016 but i sent the RGMD at 16th December, 2016 and got a reply at 30th jan. 2017