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#1 Post by druadan » Fri 26 Dec, 2008 8:00 pm

Many thanks to Taxman for supplying up-to-date information on this.

The PJFT (Pre-Joining Fitness Test) is run on a treadmill at a gym local to your AFCO. The nominated gym will know what's required and be used to running the test. They should have been informed by your AFCO that you are coming. I don't know if it's a standardised thing or pot-luck, but Taxman received 3 free one-day passes for the nominated gym in order to allow him to practice on the same treadmill he'd be running on and get used to the environment.

You must run 1.5 miles in 12min 30s, followed by a minute's rest, followed by a second 1.5 miles best effort (max time 10min 30s for a pass), all done on a treadmill. This resembles the format used for the three-miler on PRMC.

Results are sent to the AFCO immediately (not by post to you), although the supervising trainer should be able to tell you (unofficially) there and then whether you've passed and your times.

Any questions ask away...

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