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All Royal Marines related articles, frequently asked questions and other useful information in here.
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#1 Post by Daveb » Tue 14 Jun, 2005 4:12 pm

I thought I'd do a post for new users on this site, as we seem to be getting lots of posts about the same things :)

This guide is only for Royal Marine recruits though, not Potential Officers I'm afraid, as I am only going by my experiences. I'm sure Potential Officers can take parts of it though.

Disclaimer: This has only been by my experiences. It may differ from person to person, so dont take everything written here as stone, as it could be different for you

The Application process

These are the steps you take (each will be explained in more detail later):
- Go to AFCO to express interest in joining the Royal Marines
- Fill in the application and security forms
- Sit the recruit test
- Have an interview with your AFCO
- Pass a medical
- Pass the PJFT (Pre joining fitness test)
- Pass the PRMC (Potential Royal Marines Course)
- Start Recruit training

The time it takes from first expressing an interest to starting recruit training will vary from person to person. It depends on how full each part is (when the next one has a space for you), how quick your AFCO sorts it and how quickly you make it (i.e. when you pass your PJFT, to call them straight away).

For me, this took about 3 months. Though mine went quickly as my security clearance cleared quick because of my previous service in the TA.

Here's a quick explanation of each process:

Go to AFCO to express interest in joining the Royal Marines
Self explanitory really. Go to your careers office and say you are interested in joining the Royal Marines. If you still arent sure if its for you or not, you can get leaflets on the careers avilable and even watch videos on it.
An alternative is to call the Royal Navy recruitment line on 08456 07 55 55.

Fill in the application and security forms
This dont need no explanation at all :P

Sit the recruit test
This is compromised of 4 multiple choice tests all with about 20 questions on. You have 9 minutes to complete each section. The sections are - English, Maths, Logic, Mechanical (If I'm wrong, pleease correct me)

Have an interview with your AFCO
This interview will cover the reasons why you want to join the Royal Marines and also so your AFCO can get to know you and weather he thinks you have the right attitude for the Royal Marines. He will ask questions about yourself, your family, what previous experiences you have, what training you do, and also ask a few questions about the Corps (eg explain what each part of the badge is, how many Victoria crosses have been won, when the Corps was formed etc)

Your AFCO will give you a date/time to go to a specified Doctor (civvie Doctor that deals with Navy Medicals). You will be tested on nearly everything. Including Eyesight, Hearing, Joint motion, previous injuries, blood pressure, lung capacity and more. With regards to eyesight, I am afraid I dont know what the exact requirements are, but there has been a lot of topics regarding this, so please use the search button.

PJFT (Pre joining fitness test)
This will be at a local Gym. Basically you have to run 1.5 miles in under 10.45 on a treadmill. What time you get (as long as its under 10.45) does not really matter, though on your PRMC you are asked what you got, so it is advisable to get a fairly decent time (around the 9min mark).

[EDIT - the PJFT has changed quite drastically - see PJFT thread - druadan]

PRMC (Potential Royal Marines Course)
Gipper and myself have wrote a PRMC diary that includes all info on the PRMC. It can be found here: ... 9e27caaab9
or ... php?t=1197

[Edit - Old links, the threads referred to are now in this Articles section as Stickies - druadan]

I will post more on different subject covered later (when I get home from work!)
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#2 Post by druadan » Thu 25 Dec, 2008 5:07 pm

Got updates to this thread (for example, I believe the PJFT time has changed?)?

Post here or PM me!

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