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Royal Navy Recruitment Process

All Royal Navy related articles, frequently asked questions and other useful information in here.
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Royal Navy Recruitment Process

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Hi All,

I have finished the RN recruitment process and I'm just waiting my final interview before leaving on the 3rd of December 2007. I thought I would write down my experiences and the information I have found to help anyone else following along this path in future.

Is the Royal Navy for you? Well there is only one way to find out and that's to pop down to your local RN recruitment centre and make some enquiries. Don't be apprehensive about doing this you can change your mind even up to the morning your due to start and no one will make it hard for you or try to make you feel bad about your change of heart.

I would advise you to take a good look over the jobs on offer and have an idea of which roles interest you. Because how are you going to ask the right questions about the job so that you can find out if it’s for you if you have no clue what job you'd like to do. I jest you not during the first presentation I attended at the RN carriers centre in London when asked one guy said that he wanted to be a "fighter on a ship" oh dear!

You can find all the roles here use the button in the top left with jobs written on it.

The application forms you have to fill out are pretty straight forward, you may have to refer to the same information quite a few times so it worth getting all your documents together and say keeping them in a large brown envelope.

I would expect the application process to take around six month from start
to starting basic training.

You will have to complete a Psychometric Testing as part of your application and this is done at your local careers centre. I would advise getting this book "Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (Succeed at Psychometric Testing)" you should be able to get it from any good book store or if not you can order it from ISBN-10: 0340926554 ISBN-13: 978-0340926550. This test is nothing to worry about as long as you take a couple of weeks and go over all sections in the book and the sample sheet you get from the RN recruitment centre you will be fine.

Fitness Standards for the Royal Navy come in two parts. The Pre-joining Fitness test and the Royal Navy Fitness test. The Pre-joining fitness test is as is says the level of fitness you have to achieve to begin your basic training and is as follows.

The Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) must be completed before you will be accepted for training; this consists of a 2.4km run on a treadmill at a selected civilian fitness test centre which must be completed within the following times:

Age Male PJFT Female PJFT
15 - 24 12 mins 20 secs 14 mins 35 secs
25 - 29 12 mins 48 secs 15 mins 13 secs
30 - 34 13 mins 18 secs 15 mins 55 secs
35 - 39 13 mins 49 secs 16 mins 40 secs

I would highly recommend getting down to one of your local fitness centres and practicing running on a treadmill, running on one is an art form of it own. I would also make sure you can beat the time required twice in three days with a day’s break in-between. You will probably find like I did, you will smash all previous times on the day as adrenaline rush will push you on that bit harder.

The Royal Navy Fitness test will be completed as part of your basic training and you will be required to pass to complete the train and pass out. It's as follows.

In order that you complete Phase One Training, you must pass the Royal Navy Fitness Test (RNFT) which, like the Pre-Joining Fitness Test is run of 2.4 km in length and formally assessed in Week 5. However unlike the Pre-Joining Fitness Test, the Royal Navy Fitness Test is run on a track outdoors and the times are more demanding. (see table below)

Age Male RNFT Female RNFT
15 - 24 11 mins 13 secs 13 mins 15 secs
25 - 29 11 mins 38 secs 13 mins 50 secs
30 - 34 12 mins 05 secs 14 mins 28 secs
35 - 39 12 mins 34 secs 15 mins 09 secs

During your training at HMS Raleigh you will also be required to pass a series of physical tests looking at cardiovascular and upper-body strength. These will vary in length and complexity and will be challenging for most individuals. The exercises are carried out using modern controlled techniques and required scores are determined by gender only.

Exercise Male Female
Press Ups 23 17
Sit Ups 39 29
5 x 55 metres Shuttle Run 59 secs 72 secs

I would strongly advise you to train for these time even for your PJFT, also make sure you can complete these time running outside as its much more challenging than running on a treadmill, in fact I wouldn't bother running on a treadmill again once you have completed the PJFT.

Note: don't let the rain or bad weather stop you running your PTI's will take great pleasure in making run in all kinds of bad weather so best get used to it.

I have been told that squat thrusts also are included in the RNFT so make sure you practice them as again they take a little getting used to. Make sure you can do two sets of 50.

I have chatted to a few recruits who have been through basic in the last couple of months and they all say the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the training.

Fitness Programme:
Once you are accepted and get your start date you should complete the 8 week training program, I’d suggest following it from day one of your training for your PJFT. For some reason most people I have spoken too didn't get the training program until a few weeks before they were due to start which makes it hard to complete 8 weeks’ worth. It has some good info on stretching warming up and warming down. Follow it you will avoid getting injured.

More examples of stretches for running

So here it is

While your training make sure your eating right, there is some good information here:

Plus losing a little weight will make it easier to run and put less stress on your joints.

In your first week you will be required to complete the Military Swimming Test (whilst wearing overalls you must demonstrate that you can tread water for 2 minutes, swim for 40 metres in 4 minutes and exit from the pool unaided).

It is highly recommended that your swimming ability is at a level prior to joining so that you can pass this test soon after arrival at the Recruit School. However, if you're unable to, there is no need to panic. The Physical Training staff conduct extra swimming lessons 3 times a week with the opportunity to take (and hopefully pass!) the Military Swimming Test at each session. Recruits are required to pass the test in order to complete Phase One training.

Most people complete this test using breast stroke, so I'd train for that. Most local swimming pools will allow you to wear a t-shirt in the pool to help with training but make sure you ask and make sure it’s a clean one.

Kit List:
You will also be required to purchase a number of items to take with you for your basic training; you can find that list in the link below.

Something that's not listed I've been told is quite useful is a bar of Vanish soap for washing your clothes with.

If you’re wondering what day to day life is like while your training there is a recruits training diary and you can find it in the link below. ... geNav/3533

I hope you find this useful and I will up-date it as I find out more. All of the information above has either come from the Royal Navy web page or from information I have received from recruits or the Royal navy careers centre.

All the best will your career in the Royal Navy!

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#2 Post by stufish »

Oh and here is the rates of pay!


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Great Info!

Sticky maybe Mods?

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davidemmerson wrote:Great Info!

Sticky maybe Mods?
Thanks bud... :)

I should also mention I have applied as a rating, so all this information
is from that angle, but it may overlap with the officer recruitment in places.

Thanks stu
Raleigh on the 3rd December

MCM after that


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davidemmerson wrote: Sticky maybe Mods?
Your wish etc.

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