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Regs to RMR

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines Reserve.
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Regs to RMR

#1 Post by bootneck1 » Wed 08 Apr, 2009 1:11 am

Quick introduction bout me, did 8 years, did my tours, and felt it was time to move on, so decided to go in to further education, but liked the corps life style and wanna go part time.
Anyway i want to join RMR, so i can get the best of both worlds, it will be RMR Mersey. But know very little, as i understand i will have to do the basic test APWT, BFT etc.
What days do you go down, what is a typical night, how many times a week, pay and also i understand that there is different contracts ??
Please correct me if i am wrong. I dont mind getting deployed, but not while i am doing my studies hence asking bout the different contracts.
And last one i dont have my CS95, (got pinched of the washing line lol, dont laugh) am i right that i will have to pay for a new set and get a grilling of the QM????

Sorry for all the questions , but any advice would be welcomed.

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