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RMR Bristol, Summer Leave

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines Reserve.
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RMR Bristol, Summer Leave

#1 Post by tkdvipers » Sat 30 Aug, 2008 10:15 am


I have a couple of questions, the first being fairly simple. Are RMR Bristol on summer leave at the moment? I ask because I have been trying to get hold of them for two weeks by phone and no one ever picks up.

Secondly, I had applied to the regs and my application had got right up to the PRMC stage, I applied this year so wondered if my application stuff such as tests, medical would be valid for my RMR application.

Thanks for your time.
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#2 Post by dwarfy » Sat 20 Sep, 2008 2:21 pm

alright TKD,

You most likely know the answers to the above already now, but thought i would let you know just in case. Yes most ranks, if not all, at Dorset house will have been on leave during that period. As far as im aware i believe your tests and application so far should be relevent and workable with you changing to the RMR as it is all done through the AFCO now for both Regs and RMR. I guess they may want to ask a few questions as to why you have decided on the RMR instead, and on what you know about the RMR and the commitment required to go into it. Plus the PRMC is done intenrally by the RMR. I am fairly sure the next selection weekend for RMR Bristol is 21st-23rd of November, with the first field ex being on 5th to 7th December. Is this the intake you are aiming to be on?

Give me a PM mate if you want any more information.


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