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NATO Air Forces - helicopters crashes

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NATO Air Forces - helicopters crashes

#1 Post by spencer_m » Wed 13 Feb, 2013 8:34 pm

Hi, everyone!
Want to clear some things for myself...
A lot of NATO helicopters crashed in Afghan in past few years. Everytime official report is the same - 'we investigate..bla bla.. will find the answer.. it was technical problem'. I understand, that temperature in winter is below -20, but in summer over 40... So that aircrafts are not suitable for changeable climate or what?

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Re: NATO Air Forces - helicopters crashes

#2 Post by Tab » Thu 14 Feb, 2013 11:30 pm

Basically they are over worked and some of them are quite old and bits can break when they get old with out much warning.

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Re: NATO Air Forces - helicopters crashes

#3 Post by timex » Fri 15 Feb, 2013 8:31 am

Nothing to do with climate change.

Operating Helicopters in a "hostile environment" (Mountains/hot and high or in cold climates) can be difficult , when you add the threat from locals it makes things even harder. Temperatures do affect the operating capabilities of the aircraft and performance can be degraded, however that is usually catered for during the planning phase. Take off and landings are obviously the biggest causes for concern.

When the phrase "under investigation" is used then it means that Crash investigators will be going through every detail of the incident. This will include :-

Looking at the Crews currence and competency (are they qualified to be doing what they were doing).
Were the conditions of the day suitable for the task.
Was the aircraft configured for the task.
Was the trip planned correctly
Was the aircraft fully servicable
Finally any other factors (were they being shot at)?

These investigations can take up to a year and sometimes longer (initial findings can be quicker if for example the Crew say we made a mistake or it can be quickly proven what went wrong).

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