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Posted: Mon 22 Jun, 2009 6:07 pm
by Green Machine
Hi, I'v been considering joining the RAF as an RMP and wanted to get peoples views and opinions?

I'v had a search around but not found allot of information so I was hoping this would help. The idea is I join and do my full service, if not then about 8 years then maybe try the Civi police. I'd like to get on a close protection course, gain some driving license, medics course and maybe learn a language or two whilst be in the MP.

Thank you for your time

Posted: Wed 08 Jul, 2009 8:13 pm
by Hostage_Negotiator
There is no such thing as a "RAF RMP" They are very different entities and no RAFP would thank you for calling them a RMP!
You want to do a search for RAF Police, however there are no more training positions available until 2010.
Telling us you only want to serve for a short period in order to get Gucci courses then nob off to civpol won't get you past the AFCO's door.
I'd have a search and a think before anything else fella!

Posted: Thu 09 Jul, 2009 2:39 am
by bored_stupid
Hostage_Negotiator am I right in thinking you're RAF Police? If you are I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the MOD Police or if you know much about them?

The only reason I ask is that I'm seriously considering applying for them and it'd be good to get a bit of a insight from anyone who's worked with them.

Posted: Thu 09 Jul, 2009 9:44 am
by dwarfy

If your really that bored, do some of your own research on the topic. You really dont seem to have a clue what it is you want to do and with whom, possibly because you have not bothered to find out who does what. The MOD Police (MDP) are not part of the Armed Forces, they are a civilian force (national, not regional) responsible for the protection of MOD bases and infrastructure and the movement of arms, mostly nuclear, around Britain, amongst other more minor roles.

THINK about WHAT you want to do, then research which one of the many you have mentioned above best suits your interests and ambitions.


Posted: Fri 10 Jul, 2009 12:22 am
by bored_stupid

I know exactly what their role is. Funny how you seem to think from a couple of lines that you can form an opinion on me and what I have or haven't bothered to find out.

I asked Hostage_Negotiator a question as I believed he might be in the RAF Police which would mean, surprise surprise, that he would have probably worked with the MOD Police and so would have a working knowledge of them or are you saying that its stupid to ask anyone with a Military Police back ground about them simply because they're not part of the Armed Forces??

I thought I saw an opportunity to hear from someone who had worked with them and thought that I might be able to gain a bit more insight to them other than just the normal job description. Have you never asked anyone in the Forces a question about another Regiment that they might have worked with???

You make huge assumptions in your post about me not knowing even the most basic things, yet what exactly are you basing that on? Apart from pure arrogance on your part that you THINK you know me.

And as for this little gem:
You really dont seem to have a clue what it is you want to do and with whom
I knew exactly what I wanted to do and worked my arse off trying to do it but things don't always go to plan as I hope you wont have to find out!

Next time you decide to leave a smart arsed reply to a question you were never asked, don't just make up a whole load of assumptions about the person you're replying to.

Posted: Fri 10 Jul, 2009 7:12 am
by dwarfy

I am not aware at what point in my reply I have given my assumed or indeed percieved opinion of you, all I have done is said it 'seems' as if you dont know what you want to do and that 'possibly' you may have not done much research.

This conclusion was reached by the fact that in your first of only two posts thus far you have mentioned applying for a role that doesnt exist, whilst at the same time suggesting that within this 'role' you would like to do this course,that course and everything else. Quite frankly this 'appears' to suggest that you dont have a clear path you would like to take and I merely pointed out that it would be better for you to work that out prior to attempting to go down it.

I have made assumptions about you not 'knowing the most basic of things' due to the fact that you have asked a question about a role within an organisation that, unless secret, does not exist. Maybe you made a mistake when you wrote 'I am considering joining the RAF as an RMP'?

As for the MDP, one of my mates who is at FPGRM works closely with them consistently and due to the fact that I have in the past applied to join them, untll changing my mind, I have heard alot about them and indeed their role.

I can assure you I am not arrogant and do not for one second believe I know you from reading a few posts on a forum. If you have done your research and your RAF/RMP post was not in line with the rest of your knowledge then please accept my appologies, you could have simply explained this.

If you would like me to relay to you the comments and opinions of my friend at FPG who has worked closely with the MDP, then by all means ask and I will PM you.


Posted: Sat 11 Jul, 2009 2:28 am
by bored_stupid
dwarfy wrote:Maybe you made a mistake when you wrote 'I am considering joining the RAF as an RMP'?
That post was made by someone called "Green Machine" so what's it got to do with me??

You really should pay more attention, I see the mistake you've made now and it obviously explains your initial reply, but I'm not the guy who asked the original question.

Posted: Sat 11 Jul, 2009 7:05 am
by dwarfy

My mistake, I read it as yourself being the original poster hence my initial reply. Too little sleep on my part, apologies.

As I said before, if you want me to relay the comments of someone who has worked with the MDP, give me a shout. Granted they are second hand, but as said above, I had applied to the MDP myself and I trust my friend to have given me his true thoughts in that situation.(they had nothing to do with my decision to withdraw my interest for the record).


Posted: Sun 12 Jul, 2009 2:55 am
by bored_stupid
Ok no worries, I'm sure you can see my response in a different light now too as I didn't realise you thought I was the original poster until your second reply, lets just say it touched a nerve.

Thanks for the offer that'd be pretty good if you don't mind, as I said, I've looked into all the official stuff but would be nice to get a bit of a personal perspective on them too.

Posted: Sun 12 Jul, 2009 7:17 am
by dwarfy
Yeah, I can see perfectly why you replied as such in your post as there was absolutley no need for mine(given that you hadn't written both). I had got it wrong, believeing you were the OP asking about 'RAF RMP' AND then the second post asking about MDP and to me it looked like you were just asking willy nilly questions without trying to find out anything yourself. Thats why I thought you were chopping and changing your mind and going from one to the next in a matter of a single post and day.

Anyway, my mistake.

I'll PM you with the MDP stuff later today or tommorow as i'm off to work now, gods day of rest???? :(


Posted: Sat 13 Feb, 2010 8:26 pm
by WilliamPallett
It's RAF Police.

RMP is the Army.


Posted: Sun 22 May, 2011 7:37 am
by Tdivers
WilliamPallett wrote:It's RAF Police.

RMP is the Army.

RMP or Snowdrop both as bad as each other.

No one likes them. But someone has got to do the job.


Posted: Mon 18 Jul, 2011 8:03 pm
by Hostage_Negotiator
Tdivers wrote:

RMP or Snowdrop both as bad as each other.

No one likes them.