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Parachute Regiment Training Programme

Posted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006 2:57 pm
by Paratrooper01
For anyone thinking of becoming a Para, the training guide below got me to a good fitness level ready for training up in Catterick. I followed this guide to the detail and ate 3 good meals a day and i got through p-company and para training first time, so it helped me out!


NOTES – Every Morning, do MAX pushups except where specified not too i.e. on some rest days.

·Gym Workout to include the following –
5 Minute Row/Run to raise pulse, then stretch and complete the following circuit…
Press-ups – 25
Bench-press – 20
Tricep Dips – 20
Hyperextensions – 30
Shoulder Press – 12
Bicep Curls – 20
Press Downs – 15
Crunches – 25
Leg Raises – 30
V-Crunches – 25

Home Workout

Include all bodyweight exercises, 20 of each then rest for 1 minute. Do 3 circuits.

1.5 mile run in 15minutes
1.5 mile run best effort
2 minutes of pressups
2 minutes of situps

·Bergen Workout
March up and down a hill repeatedly for the time stated in boots.

·Hill Sprints
5 min warm up run to the hill. Stretch. Jog to the bottom, turn round and sprint 100% to the top. Rest for 60 secs, and repeat. Do 10.

Week 1

T Day 1 – 4 mile run. (8 minute/mile)
W Day2 – Gym workout. + 3 mile run (7 minute/mile)
T Day3 – 4 mile run (8 minute/mile)
F Day4 – Home Workout
S Day5 – 1 hour cycle
S Day6 – Hill Sprints
M Day7 – 3 mile run – BEST EFFORT.

Week 2

T Day8 – Home Workout
W Day9 – 4.5 mile run – (8 minute/mile)
T Day10 – Gym Workout
F Day11 – BFT.
S Day12 – 1 hour cycle
S Day13 – 30 minute Bergen Workout – 15lbs. No running.
M Day14 – Hill Sprints

Week 3

T Day15 – rest – no exercise
W Day16 – rest – include MAX pushups every morning and night
T Day17 – rest - include MAX pushups every morning and night
F Day18 – rest – no exercise
S Day19 – Home Workout. And 4 mile run in under 30 minutes.
S Day20 – Home Workout
M Day21 – 45 minute Bergen Workout– 25lbs – no running.

Week 4

T Day22 – BFT
W Day23 - Upper Body Circuit. 50 minutes.
T Day24 – 4 mile run – BEST EFFORT
F Day25 – Hill Sprints
S Day26 – 40 Minute Fartlek run.
S Day27 – 1 hour Bergen Workout – 25lbs – no running.
M Day28 – Home Workout

Week 5

T Day29 – 5 mile run (8 minute/mile)
W Day30 – Home Workout
T Day31 – BFT
F Day32 – 45 Minute Fartlek Run
S Day33 – rest – no exercise
S Day34 – rest – include MAX pushups every morning and night
M Day35 – rest - include MAX pushups every morning and night

Week 6

T Day36 – rest – no exercise
W Day37 – 4 mile run in under 28 minutes.
T Day38 – Home Workout
F Day39 - 5 mile run (8 minute/mile) – 40 minutes
S Day40 – Hill Sprints
S Day41 – Gym Workout
M Day42 –2 miler – 35lb Bergen – Under 18:45. (In boots)

Week 7

T Day43 – 5 mile run in under 40 minutes.
W Day44 – Home Workout
T Day45 - 40 Minute Fartlek run.
F Day46 – Home Workout.
S Day47 – AM – BFT. PM – 4 mile run in under 28 minutes.
S Day48 – 5 mile run – BEST EFFORT
M Day49 – Hill Sprints

Week 8

T Day50 – 2 miler – 35lb Bergen – Under 18:30 (In boots)
W Day51 - rest – no exercise
T Day52 - rest - include MAX pushups every morning and night
F Day53 - rest – no exercise
S Day54 - 5 mile run (7 minute/miles) 35 minutes.
S Day55 – Home workout
M Day56 - 1 hour Fartlek run.

Week 9

T Day57 – Hill Sprints and Home Workout.
W Day58 – 5 mile run (7 minute/miles) 35 minutes.
T Day59 – BFT.
F Day60 – Gentle 30 minute run.
S Day61 – REST – NO exercise.


Posted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006 5:38 pm
by SO19
What was your fitness like before hand mate?

Posted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006 11:14 pm
by Paratrooper01
Before I started that training programme I was not very fit. Just determined :)

Posted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006 11:29 pm
by mfat_man
Thanks for the site input Paratrooper01 8)

Posted: Tue 25 Mar, 2008 6:22 pm
by AJtothemax
Please could this be moved into the articles section or made a sticky in here. It's good. Simple and effective.
I got stuck into it after an ankle injury in the summer and it helped quite a lot. I think alot of members could benefit from this.


Posted: Mon 14 Apr, 2008 9:43 am
by agapito
May I ask after your training programme, how fast can you do the mile and a half now?

And for my knowledge this week I'm going to up my training dramatically, in a bid to improve within the next 4 weeks, what I want to know is if I do my runs on Monday, Weds, and Friday and do pushups/upper body work out on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays. Do you think I should still do at least 100 push ups on the days I do my run?

Re: Parachute Regiment Training Programme

Posted: Sat 19 Apr, 2008 10:21 pm
by woodland20
is it worth all of the effort maye its all i want to do im nearly there just having second thoughts


Posted: Thu 01 May, 2008 7:52 pm
by dropdead
right i just passed my selection on tuesday for the parras
but i also just got given my joining date and its in 17 days
so not much time to prepare i need to get my fitness higher and quick , so any tips would be greatly welcomed

Posted: Thu 01 May, 2008 7:53 pm
by dropdead
man my spelling sucks

Posted: Thu 01 May, 2008 8:26 pm
by Para_Hopeful
This looks like a really good programme,nice and thorough.
When Im fit from dodgy legs again Im gonna do this,although I will substitute bergan workouts for interval sprints/fartlek runs. 8)

Dropdead,Id say just do a lot of fast runs,press-ups and sit-ups and heaves.
But dont exercise for 2 or 3 days before you go.

Posted: Tue 20 May, 2008 9:04 am
by Woody91
Currently doing this programme at the moment.
Its beautiful. :lol:


Posted: Sat 12 Jul, 2008 12:04 am
by drummerja
just had a quick glance at this, looks really good and effective! even though im not running at the moment, everyting else looks bob on. i probably would recommend 6 small meals a day. this will help your metabolism get used to burning off food quicker which will help with weight loss. remembering to drink around 1.5-2ltrs of water a day - minimum. introducing protein shake! empisie the word shake, once after a gym training routien. drink it within 20-40mins. try not to take isotonic drinks if your not doing running, if you drink them whilst doing a gym weight work out, they will not do anything, if anything, do the oposite of good. they are full of suger, which will only end up as fat if it isnt burned off in the right way {high cardio-vascular activitys}. the best thing to drink is water! also, dont take creatiene as you wont get any of these things in the army! so train your body right now, rather than your body craving for these products whilst ur burning with pain doing your 30miler! inregards to the shakes, you dont really need them, if i cant afford things like those, simply watch what you eat, and keep it on a high carb [right carbs, not sugar, ie chicken, potatos etc] and a high protien diet [tuna etc] on training days, and then a low carb, high protien diet on the non training days. having the right diet can mean success, or failure. not eating right will donothing for you, not eating at all is even worse than eating to much!!!
just thought id rant on whilst there was a good training programme, i may as well add the right diet programme to coinside with this. enjoy! :wink:

Posted: Mon 10 Nov, 2008 2:40 pm
by paraprep1
i know this post is really old but im just fininshing week 4 and i have to say its doing well to improve my fitness, its just the hoe workouts are a bit weak so i substitued them with 'the paras ultimate fitness' circuittraining session! :D

Posted: Thu 18 Dec, 2008 9:33 am
by mm1306
That's definitely a good programme there. Note the part about 2 miler, 35 pounds, 18 minutes. Sounds easy but if there is hilly ground(like the catterick 2 miler) then for some of us it is harder than a p-company pace 10-miler just because of the doubling up hills.
If anyone is getting ready for depot I would definitely recommend practicing some 2 milers over hilly ground, just don't do something stupid like carry 50 pounds wearing trainers.

Re: Parachute Regiment Training Programme

Posted: Sat 06 Aug, 2011 12:41 am
by Nero
How do you do this with no rest days? Do you not ache?